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After Crying
XXV - Anniversary Concert (2CD+DVD)
(XXV - Jubileumi koncert (2CD+DVD))
progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! Recorded live at the Palace of Arts (Budapest – Hungary) on 9th November 2011.
2 CD and a DVD in a special digipack case.

„After Crying is one of the most exciting group of the international music scene. After many concerts around the world, they have celebrated their 25th birthday and the release of their 14th album with a special anniversary concert in the Palace of Arts in Budapest. The ensemble has been consciously forming its values since the beginning, regarding the greatest figures of European culture as their role models. The composers of After Crying have always sought to create music that, by using today's common musical idiom, is understood by many, yet is still able to convey profound message on serious subjects at the highest artistic standard. This unique contemporary classical music addresses both the audiences of its own age and eternity.”Böszörményi Gergely

The 1st CD contains the live version of the band’s latest studio album: Creatura. This was the first and official LIVE INTRODUCTION of this album, in its full length. At the very prestigious Bela Bartok National Concert Hall the full-house audience – 1300 people – enjoyed the good sound and the spectacular show. Listening to this CD now you can have (almost) the same musical experience in more than 70 minutes.

The 2nd CD and the DVD has the same musical material: compositions from the very beginning until today featuring a real SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. After Crying have always been using classical instruments, chamber orschestras and/or huge symphonic orchestra as natural part of their compositions and sound. The members of the band are classicaly trained and educated musicians: music teachers, professors, composers, musicians in symphonic orchestras and eraly-music ensembles. At the same time they all love ROCK’N’ROLL (meaning progressive rock & symphonic rock) so they easily combine the sound of modern electric instruments with the traditional classical instrumentation.
This is what we really call: SYMPHONIC PROG-ROCK!!!
Great experience: SOUND and VISION!

Bátky, Zoltán – vocals, lyrics, guitar
Egervári, Gábor – lyrics, live sound
Eros, Csaba – piano, keyboards
Madai, Zsolt – drums
Pejtsik, Péter – cello, bass guitar, composition
Torma, Ferenc – guitar, composition
Winkler, Balázs – trumpet, zink, keyboards, composition

Andrejszki, Judit – vocals
Kórodi, Júlia – violin, vocals
Danubia Orchestra Óbuda

DVD Screen format: 16:9 HD
Sound: 2.0
All regions

1.Preludio Furioso
3.Játékos (Gambler)
5.Kevésbé fontos dolgok – Klasszikus miniatűr (Less Important Things – Classic Miniature)
6.Goromba (Rude)
7.Szemfényvesztő (Illusionist)
9.Akkor majd a kövek énekelnek (Then the Stones will Sing)
10.Kettétört (Torn Apart)
11.Preludio Percussivo
12.Ne sírj (Do not Cry)
13.Esőisten (Rain God)
14.iLove Story
16.Szabadesés (Free Fall)
17.Three Desires
18.Ne félj, nem lesz baj (No worries no Cry)
2.Viszlát világ (Farewell)
3.Concerto elektromos gitárra (Concerto for Electric Guitar)
4.Szonáta (Sonata)
5.Júdás (Judas)
6.Noktürn (Nocturn)
7.Manók tánca (Goblin Dance)
8.Titkos szolgálat (Secret Service)
9.Madrigál II. (Madrigal II.)
10.Az élet megy tovább – Szimfonikus verzió (Life Must Go On – symphonic version)
11.Tépd el a képeket (Tear the Pictures)
12.Fanfár az egyszerű emberért (Fanfare for the Common Man)
13.Viszlát világ – visszatérés (Farewell - reprise)
14.Új kor születik (New World Coming)
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BGDV221 DVD+CD 2013   22.00
Creatura progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! Zoltán Bátky – lead and backing vocals
Gábor Egervári – lyrics, narration, claps, vocals
Zsolt Madai – drums, percussion, claps, vocals
Péter Pejtsik – music, cello, violin, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals, programming
Ferenc Torma – music, guitars, keyboards, claps, programming, bass guitar, vocals
Balázs Winkler – music, trumpet, zink, keyboards, programming, vocals

Evelin Balog – flute
Márton Belej – oboe
Csaba Erős – piano
Attila Jankó – bassoon
Nándor Kasza – trombone
Júlia Kórodi – violin, viola
Judit Andrejszki – vocal
Panna Pejtsik – vocal
Dina Pejtsik – vocal
Bogi Pejtsik – vocal
Endre Polyák – horn
Katinka Kinga Szilágyi – harp
Bernát Tószegi – clarinet
Orsolya Winkler – violin
Zsófia Winkler – viola
György Várallyay jr. - keyboard

1.Preludio Furoso
2.Játékos (Gambler)
3.Vagyok (I am)
4.Preludio Percussivo
5.Air Trumpet
6.Kevésbé fontos dolgok - klasszikus miniatűr (Less Important Things – Classic Miniature)
7.Goromba (Rude)
8.Szemfényvesztő (Illusionist)
10.Akkor majd a kövek énekelnek (Then the Stones will Sing)
11.Kettétört (Torn Apart)
13.Preludio Metropolitano
14.Ne sírj (Do not Cry)
15.Esőisten (Rain God)
16.iLove Story
17.Vagy-e még? (Do You Still Exist)
19.Preludio Furoso
20.Szabadesés (Free Fall)
21.Hajsza (Chase Music)
22.Three Desires
23.Ne félj, nem lesz baj (No worries no Cry)
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BGCD 201 CD 2011   13.00
1989 progressive

Enlarge this picture! This the second After Crying material released in 1989 after the Opus 1 on cassette.

Gábor Egervári– flute, vocal
Péter Pejtsik – cello, vocal
Csaba Vedres– piano, vocal, synthesizer
Katalin Szerb– violin, vocal

Csaba Hontvári– trumpet
Pál Makovecz– trombone
Dávid Vesztergombi – vocal
Kristóf Fogolyán– flute
Zsolt Maroevich – viola

3.She had
4.Szakasz / Suttogó ének / Köszöntő II. / Jesus dulcis Memoria / Szamba
5.Légüres tér
9.Sirató / Köszöntő III.
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BGCD 197 CD 2009   13.00
Opus 1 progressive

Enlarge this picture!

This is the very first After Crying material released in 1989 on cassette. The compilation is based on the live recordings made in February 1988 in the Szkéné Theatre, in May 1989 in Porto and in January 1989 at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

Gábor Egervári – flute
Péter Pejtsik – Cello
Csaba Vedres – Piano

Judit Andrejszki – vocal
Zsolt Major Nagy – trumpet
The Dallard
The Victoria Chamber Choir

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BGCD 198 CD 2009   13.00
After Crying Live progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Recorded at Petőfi Hall, Budapest, 23.12.2004.
- Extras: picture gallery, track select menu
- for all region
- running time: 114 mins. approx

Zoltán Bátky - vocal
Gábor Egervári - words and news, flute, live sound
Tamás Görgényi - conception, words and news
Zoltán Lengyel - piano, synthesizer
Zsolt Madai - drums, percussion
Péter Pejtsik - cello, bass
Ferenc Torma - guitar, synthesizer
Balázs Winkler - trumpet, synthesizer

1.Bevezetés - Intro
2.Viadukt - Viaduct
3.Távvezérlés (Invízió/Híradó/Médiatúladagolás) - Remote Control (Invision/News/Media Overdose)
4.Világfalu éjjel - Globevillage at Night
5.Új kor születik - New World Coming
6.Elveszett paradicsom - Paradise Lost
7.Titkos szolgálat - Secret Service
8.Jónás imája - Jonah's Prayer
9.Jó éjt (Jó éjt I./Éjszaka/Jó éjt II.) - Good Night (Good Night I./Red Night/Good Night II.)
10.Ébredés - Don't Betray Me
11.Technopolis (Telepítő/Technopolis) - Technopolis/Setup
12.Burleszk - Burlesue
14.Összegzés - Consclusion
15.Bemutatás – a Telepítő visszatér - Band Introduction - Setup Reprise
16.Minden jót I. - Farewell I.
17.Az élet megy tovább - Life Must Go On
18.Manticore érkezése II. - Arrival of Manticore II.
19.Így hallgattam el (részlet) - Confess Your Beauty (excerpt)
20.Cselló-gitár kettős – szóló - Cello-Guitar Duet
21.Zongoraszóló - Piano Solo
22.Dobszóló - Drum Solo
23.Viadukt – visszatérés - Viaduct - Reprise
24.Minden jót II. - Farewell II.
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BGDVD 02 DVD 2007   20.00
After Crying Show progressive sympho-rock sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! Here is the long awaited studio album from this incredible band from Hungary. Well, this is not an easy-listening product with selfish „progressive” rhythm-breaks and aimless melodies out of tune. This is something what you listen to, and after 72 minutes you don’t even know where and who you are.
The title „After Crying Show” may occur some confusion for you because one might think that this is a live album again. But definitely this is one of the greatest contemporary-symphonic rock albums from the STUDIO. All lyrics which is not more than 40% of the total playing time are in English. From the 60% instrumental part of the whole you’ll get something rocking and shocking contemporary-symphonic rock music. Old and new effects, acoustic and electric rock instruments, real classical sounds, sometimes fun and the ideas and thoughts of the 21st Century.
Total length of the album is more than 72 minutes. After Crying has a new singer: Welcome on board Zoltán Bátky! (who was/is the singer of the Hungarian heavy-progressive band Stonehenge) Gábor Légrádi the ex-singer appears as a guest star also on this album with a new fashion (trying to push Eminem off the stage) as a rapper in an After Crying way! Don’t worry it lasts only for 20 seconds.

Zoltán Bátky - vocal
Gábor Egervári - words, narration, ideas
Tamás Görgényi - conception, dramaturgy, words, tunes and rhythms
Zoltán Lengyel - grand piano, keyboard, synthesizer
Zsolt Madai - drums, percussion
Péter Pejtsik - cello, bass, vocal, orchestrations
Ferenc Torma - guitar
Balázs Winkler - grand piano, keyboard, synthesizer, orchestration, trumpet

Judit Andrejszki - lead and background vocal
Zsófia Katona - lead and background vocal
Gábor Légrádi - narration
László Préda, László Borsódy - trumpet
Pál Makovecz, Dániel Nagy Viktor, Zsombor Réthi - trombone
Sándor Endrödy, Dezső Czentnár, Péter Soós, Balázs Perneczky - horn
Gábor Kollmann - sax

1.NWC (4:30)
2.Invisible Legion (9:37)
3.Face to Face (2:34)
4.Welcome on Board (3:51)
5.Paradise Lost (2:54)
6.Remote Control (9:04)
7.Technopolis (7:54)
8.Globevillage at Night (1:30)
9.Bone Squad (2:58)
10.Wanna be a Member? (4:27)
11.Secret Service (15:24)
12.Farewell (2:50)
13.Life Must Go on (4:33)
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BGCD 101 CD 2003   13.00
Bootleg symphony progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! This album was recorded at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest in 2000. They played together with a 40 piece symphony orchestra. After Crying’s music has always been copmosed both for modern electric and classical instruments, but had no chance to perform.
'After Crying are easily the leading proponents of symphonic prog today and this release cinches their status. …for fans of the genre this is a must buy. Highly recommended.'
(Paul Hightower – Exposé /USA)

Gábor Egervári - lyrics, narration
Tamás Görgényi - artist director, lyrics
Zoltán Lengyel - piano, sythesizer, vocal
Gábor Légrádi - lead vocal
Zsolt Madai - drums, percussion
Péter Pejtsik - cello, bass
Ferenc Torma - guitar, sythesizer
Balázs Winkler - trumpet, sythesizer, piano

Judit Andrejszki - vocal
Kristóf Fogolyán - flute
Pál Makovecz - trombone
Mónika Szabó - flute
László Borsódy - trumpet
Vilmos Horváth - bassoon
György Reé - clarinet
Zsófia Winkler - viola
+ Symphonic Orchestra

1.Viaduct (6:00)
2.Struggle for Life I. (5:23)
3.Enigma (1:15)
4.Struggle for Life II. (3:15)
5.Suburban Night - Külvárosi éj (3:19)
6.Cool Night - Jó éjt (3:48)
7.Night-red - Éjszaka (3:24)
8.Cool Night reprise (2:17)
9.Arrival of Manticore I. / Manticore érkezése I. (2:28)
10.Aqua (2:01)
11.Intermezzo (2:39)
12.Burlesque (3:04)
13.Finale (4:26)
14.Shinin' (11:37)
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BGCD 080 CD 2001   13.00
Struggle for life (2CD) progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! Here are the long awaited live albums of this incredible progressive, chamber-rock ensemble from Hungary with many unreleased versions and brand new songs! We thought to produce two versions of the live material which was recorded in the last two years at different countries and venues: Hungary, Mexico, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The DOUBLE album is a more complete CD with 136 minutes audio play-time, including a second session with data tracks. You can enjoy photos, lyrics, memories and reviews of AFTER CRYING on your PC.
Three songs in MP3 : Don’t Betray Me, Radio Rarotonga, Shadow Song.
JOHN WETTON (King Crimson, UK, Asia) is featured on the albums with \\\"King Crimson – Starless\\\". John sings and plays on the bass. After Crying gives all other musicians + Mihály Borbély from the folk ensemble ’VUJICSICS’ plays as guest musician on saxophon.

Gábor Egervári - flute, words, narration, live sound
Tamás Görgényi - art direction, conception, lyrics
Zoltán Lengyel - piano, synthesizer
Gábor Légrádi - vocal
Zsolt Madai - drums, percussion, synthesizer
Péter Pejtsik - cello, bass, violin, vocal
Ferenc Torma - guitar, synthesizer, vocal
Balázs Winkler - trumpet, synthesizer, piano, bird

John Wetton (King Crimson, UK, Asia) - vocal, bass
Mihály Borbély (Vujicsics) - sax
Ferenc Szabó - drums

1.Viaduct (5:15)
2.Stalker (12:32)
3.Sleepin' Chaplin (3:17)
4.Little Train (2:23)
5.Suburban Night (3:36)
6.To Black - excerpt I. (1:35)
7.Intermezzo (2:33)
8.Pilgrims' March (5:09)
9.Sonata for Violincello and Piano (3:47)
10.Burlesque (3:07)
11.To Black - excerpt II. ImproVision (5:05)
12.Goblin Dance (5:16)
13.Hommage á Frank Zappa (8:46)
14.Starless (11:35)
1.Fun Fair Land Opening -excerpt (1:25)
2.Judas (9:16)
3.Windblown Waltz (3:13)
4.Struggle for Life (8:23)
5.Fun Fair Finale - excerpt (2:06)
6.Crash and Cry (5:30)
7.Stonehenge (4:35)
8.Conclusion (10:32)
9.Arrival of Manticore II/1 / Confess Your Beauty (5:20)
10.Cello-Guitar Duet (2:24)
11.Piano Solo (1:33)
12.Drum Solo (3:46)
13.Trumpet Solo (1:19)
14.Arrival of Manticore II/2. (1:50)
15.Conclusion - Finale (3:08)
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BGCD 054-055 CD 2000   17.00
Struggle for life - Essential progressive

Enlarge this picture! The SINGLE album is a pure audio CD and we \\\"opened\\\" two MP3 songs for it. Its play-time is 74 minutes.
Both albums have detailed 12 booklets with beautiful artworks.
JOHN WETTON (King Crimson, UK, Asia) is featured on the albums with \\\"King Crimson – Starless\\\". John sings and plays on the bass. After Crying gives all other musicians + Mihály Borbély from the folk ensemble ’VUJICSICS’ plays as guest musician on saxophon.

Gábor Egervári - flute, words, narration, live sound
Tamás Görgényi - art direction, conception, lyrics
Zoltán Lengyel - piano, synthesizer
Gábor Légrádi - vocal
Zsolt Madai - drums, percussion, synthesizer
Péter Pejtsik - cello, bass, violin, vocal
Ferenc Torma - guitar, synthesizer, vocal
Balázs Winkler - trumpet, synthesizer, piano, bird

John Wetton (King Crimson, UK, Asia) - vocal, bass
Mihály Borbély (Vujicsics) - sax
Ferenc Szabó - drums

1.Viaduct (5:35)
2.Radio Rarotonga (5:05)
3.Pilgrims' March (5:22)
4.Shadow Song (5:59)
5.Burlesque (3:07)
6.To Black - excerpt II. ImproVision (5:21)
7.Conclusion (10:32)
8.Arrival of Manticore II/1 / Confess Your Beauty (5:20)
9.Cello-Guitar Duet (2:24)
10.Piano Solo (1:33)
11.Drum Solo (3:46)
12.Trumpet Solo (1:19)
13.Arrival of Manticore II/2. (1:50)
14.Conclusion - Finale (2:57)
15.Starless (10:45)
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BGCD 050 CD 2000   13.00
Almost pure instrumental progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! This album is the first part of a new After Crying compilation series. As this volume is devoted to instrumental music, it may seem unusual that it also includes vocal section. According to the series conception, the final track of each CD should serve as a bridge to the next compilation and open up another facet of the group’s rich and diverse output over the last twelve years. The series will feature remastered and remixed versions of classical After Crying works, as well as a substantial amount of exclusive original material.

Gábor Egervári– flute
Balázs Winkler– trumpet, keyboards
Ferenc Torma– guitar
Péter Pejtsik– percussion, keyboards, cello, bass guitar
Csaba Vedres– keyboards
László Gacs– drums

Attila Bakos– oboe
Aladár Tüske– bassoon
László Préda– trumpet
Pál Makovecz– trombone
Béla Ferge– percussion
Ferenc Szabó– drums
Zsolt Maroevich - viola
Judit Andrejszki– vocal
Kristóf Fogolyán– flute
Ottó Rácz - oboe
Mónika Szabó– flute

1.Overture (2:29)
2.Aqua (1:58)   
3.Big Evil Fun Fair Final (5:32)
4.Windblown Waltz (3:09)   
5.Pilgrims' March (5:11)
6.Sonata for Violoncello and Piano (3:35)
7.Sleepin' Chaplin (2:38)
8.Suburban Night (3:32)
9.The Insulted and Injured (11:40)
10.Rondo (3:43)
11.Save our Souls (2:35)
12.Struggle for Life (9:12)
13.In the End (2:29)
14.Shining (11:48)
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BGCD 027 CD 1998   13.00
VI. progressive

Enlarge this picture! The 74-minute-album released in 1997 was offered to the Twentieth Century. The album forms opinion, bids farewell and presents all the beauties and cruelties of our contradictory age. Differently from their former albums not the modern musical elements are used in classical forms but classical elements are integrated into the world of modern music. It is a marvellous, monumental, colourful album as the twentieth century itself.

Gábor Egervári– flute
Tamás Görgényi– vocal
Péter Pejtsik - cello, bass guitar, vocal, synthesizer
Ferenc Torma– guitar, bass guitar
Balázs Winkler - trumpet, keyboards, percussion

Judit Andrejszki– vocal (2,15)
Ferenc Szabó– drums, percussion
László Koós– bass
Zoltán Lengyel– piano
Pál Makovecz– trombone
Mihály Borbély– sax
Csaba Klenján– sax
Péter Erdei– horn
Mónika Szabó– flute
Ottó Rácz - oboe
György Reé– clarinet
Vilmos Horváth– bassoon
Katalin Fenyő– violin
Andrea Shuszter– violin
Ágnes Herbály– violin
Johanna Tóth-Kiss– violin
Jutka Holló– violin
Emese Szatmáry– violin
Zsuzsa Beritz– violin
Enikő Balogh– viola
Ferenc Szekrényi– viola
Anikó Sabján– cello
Zsolt Puskás– cello
Sándor Szászvárosi– cello
Gábor Szántó – double bass

1.Save Our Souls - S.O.S. (2:48)   
2.Fun Fair Land Open - Esztrádok földjén (4:33)
3.Providence - Dance with the Sleep-Walker Marionett
4.Providence - Salto Mortale II. (8:46)
5.Sleepin' Chaplin - Chaplin alszik (2:40)
6.Madrigal Love Part Four - Casanova (4:10)
7.Final (6:20)
8.Intermezzo (2:43)
9.Viaduct (4:36)
10.Salto Mortale I. (3:30)
11.Enigma II. (5:09)
12.Struggle for Life (9:09)
13.The Man and the Rock (4:49)   
14.Conclusion - Tribute to Keith Emerson (10:45)
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BGCD 009 CD 1997   13.00
De profundis progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! The fourth After Crying album is considered by the critics and the publisher as a crown of their foregoing activity. It is about the actual meaning of Last Judgement for the human of today in individual and common aspects so it is some kind of summary again, as Crying albums usually are. The great variety finally makes consistent picture of world. Gregorian, virtuoso cello and guitar solo, chamber music with acoustic and electric instruments, hard rock, symphonic music of 21st. century, and many more styles and genres were integrated in a monumental and amazing synthesis through the work of Gábor Egervári (flute, rhythmical speaking), László Gacs (drums), Tamás Görgényi (conception, words, lead vocal), Péter Pejtsik (composer, cello, bass, keyboard, lead and backround vocal), Ferenc Torma (composer, guitars, keyboard, b. vocal) Balázs Winkler (composer, trumpet, keyboards, b.vocal).

Judit Andrejszki– vocal (2,15)
András Bolyki– viola (2,11)
Zsolt Cutor– violin (2,11)
Ferenc Csatos– trumpet(2,4,13)
Ilona Csizmadia– oboe (2,4,11)
János Dégi– pozan (2,4,13)
Bernadett Dobos – cello (2,11)
Lajos Dvorák– cello (2,11)
Péter Erdey– horn (2,4,11,13,15)
Zoltán Fekete– viola (2,9,11,15)
Béla Gál– cello (2,11)
László Hunyadi– bassoon (2,7,9,11,15)
Pál Jász– violin (2,11)
Barna Juhász– viola (2,11)
Gergely Kuklis– violin (2,9,11,15)
Zoltán Latinovits– poem (4,10)
János Mazura– tuba (2,4,11,13)
György Reé– clarinet, bass clarinet (2,10,11,15)
Schola Hungarica (1)
Mónika Szabó– flute (2,7,10,11,15)
Zsolt Szefcsik– violin (2,11)
Zsuzsanna Szlávik– violin (2,11)
Orsolya Winkler– violin (2,9,11,15)

1.Bevezetés (3:39)
2.Modern idők (7:36)
3.Az üstökös (1:43)
4.Stalker (12:12)    
5.Stonehenge (4:34)
6.Külvárosi éj (3:34)
7.Manók tánca (5:00)   
8.Kifulladásig (5:18)
9.De Profundis (11:29) - a) Eras... / b) Non est via
10.Jónás imája (2:24)
11.Elveszett város (1:56)
12.Kisvasút (2:03)
13.Esküszegők (8:13)
14.40 másodperc (0:40)
15.A világ végén (3:41)
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BGCD 005 CD 1996   13.00
The first decade (2CD)
(Első évtized (2CD))

Enlarge this picture! By their 10th birthday After Crying has became a world-wide known and accepted progressive band. Their albums are saleable and flavoured products in Japan, America and Europe, indeed in Brazil too. Reviewers only praise them all over the world. Number of their fans permanently grows both in Hungary and abroad. On the occasion of anniversary they released a double album intended to delight their fans and everyone who is yearning for 21st century music. There is 143 minutes material on this double CD including a few remastered tracks from their former four albums and more than 100 minutes previously unreleased records of them. (e.g. "Tear the pictures apart!", "Overture", "Fly!"). On the Disk Two they presents After Crying live on CD the very first time. (including "21st century schizoid man", two amazing solos, piano solo from Csaba Vedres and cello solo from Péter Pejtsik).

Péter Pejtsik– cello, bass guitar, synthesizer, vocal
Csaba Vedres– piano, vocal
Gábor Egervári– flute, vocal
Balázs Winkler– trumpet, keyboards, percussion, vocal
Ferenc Torma– guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, vocal

Mónika Szabó– flute
Péter Erdei– horn
Judit Andrejszki– vocal
Béla Ferge– drums

Péter Pejtsik– cello, vocal
Csaba Vedres– piano, vocal
Kristóf Fogolyán– flute
Zsolt Maroevich– viola

Judit Andrejszki– vocal
Ottó Rácz - oboe
György Reé– clarinet
Balázs Winkler– trumpet
László Simai - trumpet
Pál Makovecz– trombone
Balázs Bujtor– violin (1)
Pál Jász– violin (1)
Katalin Fenyő– violin(1)
Zsófia Winkler– viola (1)
Nikolett Reinhardt– viola(1)
Béla Gál– cello (1)
Bernadett Dobos– cello (1)

1.Modern idők (7:36)
2.Noktürn (1:52)
3.Kétség és remény közt (4:00)
4.Tépd el a képeket! (6:00)
5.Fly! (2:00)
6.Közjáték II. (2:00)
7.A Novelty (2:00)
8.Sötétben (5:05)
9.Árnyékos dal (4:00)
10.Madrigál II. (3:00)
11.Vándor (9:20)
12.Manók tánca (5:00)
13.Ébredés (3:00)   
14.Elveszett város (2:00)
15.Júdás (10:00)
16.A világ végén (3:41)
1.Nyitány (2:20)   
2.Shining (10:15)
3.Így hallgattam el (6:30)
4."Immár a nap leáldozott" (9:40)
5.Hommage a Frank Zappa (8:20)
6.Impromptu no. 7. (6:00)
7.Jó éjt! (11:00)
8.Zsoltár (3:10)
9.Herkules dala (4:20)
10.21st Century Schizoid Man (7:00)
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BGCD 006-007 CD 1996   17.00
Earth and sky
(Föld és ég)
progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! The third album was a conclusion of a period in the history of After Crying, for Csaba Vedres left the band right after recordings, so that was the last collective work with Vedres. On this album other members of the band introduced themselves as independent composers, and this group used electric, acoustic and bass guitar on a record the very first time. Dynamic, full, monumental rock sounds (intentionally reminding of ELP) alternate with acoustic pieces, indeed, the guys perform a wonderful choral work composed in style of Orthodox Church. Csaba Vedres (composer, keyboards, vocal) said good bye to his partners with a colourful, imposing, solemn and heart-stirring album. The other members were Péter Pejtsik (cello, bass guitar, vocal), Ferenc Torma (composer, guitars, keyboards, vocal), Gábor Egervári (flute, voice, words and ideas), László Gacs (drums), and Balázs Winkler (composer, trumpet, keyboards, vocal).

1.Manticore érkezése I. 1:48   
2.Manticore érkezése II. 6:36
3.Enigma 1:22
4.Rondo 3:40   
5.Zene gitárra 3:14
6.Leltár 3:58
7.Cisz-dúr koncertetűd 3:10
8.Puer natus in Betlehem 6:03
9.Júdás 9:39
10.Bár éjszaka van 7:06
11.Kétezer év 13:39
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BGCD 002 CD 1994   13.00
Overground music progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! On their first album After Crying play songs with extended structure and they play mostly acoustic instruments. All the lyrics are in English. Beside basic quartet (Csaba Vedres piano/lead vocal, Péter Pejtsik cello/l.vocal, Zsolt Maroevich viola, Kristóf Fogolyán flute) brass and wind instruments, woman's lead vocal, and a few studio effects make a special and particular sound. Both musical material and lyrics lead the audience into a world floating over the ground (true to the title of the album). In this shining, happy and sometimes sad and painful, but always sublime world million elements of rock and classical music play together witty, fascinating and inspired ways. It is touching and captivating.

Péter Pejtsik – cello, vocal
Csaba Vedres – piano, synthesizer, vocal

Kristóf Fogolyán – flute
Zsolt Maroevich – viola
Judit Andrejszki – vocal
Pál Makovecz – trombone
Ottó Rácz – oboe
Aladár Tüske – bassoon
Balázs Winkler - trumpet

1.European things 8:27
2.Don't Betray Me 3:02   
3.Confess Your Beauty 6:50
4.Madrigal Love Part One 2:14
5....To Black 5:05
6.Madrigal Love Part Two 3:00   
7.Madrigal Love Part Free 0:51
8.Shining (To The Powers Of Fairyland) 10:44
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BGCD 001 CD 1990   13.00