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Embracing Classical Music, Contemporary Jazz and Authentic Folk Music
"The members of the Attacca World Music ensemble came from different fields of music. We believe that all of these add color to the harmony and at the same time act as cohesion in our orchestra.
The pure source of Hungarian peasant music, also researched by Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály, is both a guide and an inspiration for us, similarly to the XX. century works. Choreographed dance appears in our music, composed for some of our own musical material. Referring to different regions dance on, which for centuries part of popular culture, our traditions, "Csaba Hetessy, Attacca artistic director, composer.

Bori Magyar - vocals
Moni Horvath - alto, soprano saxophone, kaval, flute, vocals
Butcher Elizabeth - violin
Csaba Hetessy - piano
Ábel Dénes - double bass
Zoltán Bordás - percussion
Dániel Bodnár - dance

01. Virtus 03:00
02. Bachelor 02:57
03. From dark to light 04:31
04. Where are you? 06:07
05. Outlaws 03:21
06. Until then I loved my baby 03:53
07. s I went so ... (trad.) 05:09
08. Bordal 01:16
09. Botos 04:08
10. Gyimesi is slow and fast Hungarian (trad.) 02:20
11. On the way home 05:04
12. My world 02:28
13. First of all about the east 04:20
14. Jumping 05:02
15. Nereye gidiyoruz? / Where are we going? 04:35
16. Book of Inci: Inci I. 00:52

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Enlarge this picture! All members of this world-music outfit are highly educated musicians from the Academy of Music. Their debut album is a cimplex, exciting effort to produce traditional music with folk influences from Eastern Europe an Arabian culture combining with jazzy elements.

Csaba Hetessy - piano
Noémi Pelle - vocal
Krisztián Schweigert - guitar
Zsolt Kovács - drums, percussion
Krisztián Nagy - bass
Tamás Tallián - oboe

Dávid Pálhegyi - violin
Csaba Balogh - dance

1.Addig, babám, szerettelek (3:40)
2.Ostinato in Quater Notes (11:32)
3.Csúszkáló (1:04)
4.Arab dal (5:16)
5.Lépegető (2:45)
6.Wind (6:35)
7.Naomi (2:53)
8.Prayer (9:31)
9.Oriental (5:34)
10.S úgy elmegyek (2:36)
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