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Random Deeds
One Round Zero progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! One Round Zero is the Hungarian progressive-rock group Random Deeds second album. Very much in the vein of Pink Floyd. Like it very much.

Zoltán Szalóki - vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards
Gábor Sovák - bass
Krisztián Kun - keyboards
Zoltán Hegyaljai-Boros - drums, viola

Zoltán Suhajda - keyboards
István Bakó - alt and tenor sax
Bea Berecz - vocal
Márti Muzsnyai - vocal

1.The Big Bang (8:41)
2.Who's the One (3:10)
3.Magic Words (4:00)
4.The Dearest Season (4:18)
5.Spot the Heat (4:10)
6.Helmeto (6:35)
7.Summer Shower (4:45)
8.Violant Mode (3:57)
9.Nothing-Wind Blues (6:42)
10.Dance in the Fall and Fear in Blizzard (14:37)
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BGCD 204 CD 2009   12.00
Basis Of Comparison progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Random Deeds comprises a wide and colourful variety from lighter acoustic pieces through groovy uptempo themes to straight rock enriched with psychedelic, chillout noises and effects.
The lyrics of the album Basis of comparison are written in a personal style. Among their issues we can find criticism of politics, self-exploration, human relationships, moments of everyday life, the atmosphere of weekends, an outstander's view of the world, and big questions of relativeness.

Zoltán Szalóki - guitar, vocal
Krisztián Kun - keyboards
Gábor Barczi - bass
Tamás Nyeste - drums

1.Respect for the Exceptions (6:30)
2.Godspeed (4:55)
3.Un... (4:58)
4.Significant Moments (4:30)
5.Compass (7:14)
6.Invented Limits (5:16)
7.Out of the Great Valley (6:44)
8.The Loot (3:00)
9.All in (6:43)
10.Hold in Hands (5:58)
11.Mundane Fite (5:11)
12.The Lost Rider (3:44)
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