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Forest, Forest
(Erdő, erdő)
world music

Enlarge this picture! The music of Chalga is a common denominator of musical forms to which an urban listener is exposed to, so the best approach would be to call it “urban folklore”. Recycled tradition – folk music out of context, mainly inspired by traditional music, although not being similar to it. It is not similar, because folk music is only an inspiration: the motifs and melodies may recall the original structures, but the orchestration is out of style, contains heavy influences of jazz and rock, and a great amount of good taste when mixing all the ingredients.

Zóra Hornai - vocal
Móni Horváth - sax, kaval, flute
Barbara Kuczera - violin
Tamás Zagyva - guitar
Ádám Bornemissza - bass
Csaba Szegedi - derbuka, bendir
Sándor Bencze - djembe, shaker, percussion

1.Erdő, erdő
3.Rila vitéz
4.Gyere, gyere
9.Este, reggel, délután
bonus track
1.Pálinkás (Zámbó Tamás remix)
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CHLG 002 CD 2010   12.00
Sabir world music

Enlarge this picture! Chalga is a worldmusic and folk-jazz crossover band from Hungary, mixing the members’ hungarian and archaic csángó musical heritage with strong influences of balkanic (bulgarian, macedonian), middle-eastern (turkish, arabic, laz) music and with a touch of jazz. This is a modern, urban folk music using solely acoustic instruments, genuine musical material and fresh ideas.
The band is made up of Hungarian professionals, who earned reputation in such well-known bands like Makám, Ghymes, Folkestra, Arasinda, Borago and Nox.

Ágnes Tiszavári - lead vocals
Móni Horváth - alto & soprano saxophones, flute, vocals
Róbert Kedves - violin, viola
Tamás Zagyva - electric, acoustic and fretless guitars
Attila Boros - electric, acoustic and fretless guitars
Csaba Szegedi - derbouka, bendir
Sándor Bencze - djembe, derbouka, ride

Előd Kostyák - cello

1.Hegyek fölött
2.Sárga hasú kígyó
3.Budapest Taqsim
5.Fekete szőlő
6.Jana ide
10.Lehajlott a kökény ága
11.Bottal verve
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