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Recycle world music

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2.Fő a kávé
5.Tudod, babám
6.Balázs telke
7.Marika néni
8.Pesti bringás
9.Ez vagy nekem
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FA 389-2 CD 2016   13.00
Moldva - A Balkán kapuja folk world music

Enlarge this picture! Eszter Szita - vocal
Balázs Unger - cimbal, vocal
ellért Boda - violin
Gyula Lázár - double bass
Dániel Horváth - drums, percussion
Agatics Krunoszláv - harmonica
Gergő Unger - koboz, guitar, vocal

Péter Bede - sax
Zoltán Székely - sax, flute, kaval

1.Mikor kicsi leány vótam
2.Hazám, hazám
4.Bákói fanfár
5.Ide fel a csenderbe
7.Ha folyó víz volnék
8.Sárba s hara de la Cosma Piticu
10.Ludasim, pajtásim
12.Kerek udvar
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FA 365-2 CD 2015   13.00
Vidámpark folk world music

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1.Vár ránk a világ
2.Úton vagyunk
4.Aki szeret
6.Habiszti Guszti
8.Jöjjünk össze
9.Túl a vizen
11.Balatoni nyaraló
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FA 2982 CD 2014   13.00
Heart Dance
world music

Enlarge this picture! Eszter Szita - voice
Balázs Unger - cimbalom, vocal, viola
Gellért Boda - violin
Gyula Lázár - bass guitar
Dániel Horváth - drums, percussions
Gergő Unger - electric guitar
Agatics Krunoszláv "Kico" - harmonika

6.Napom, napom
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FA 2762 CD 2012   13.00
Ablakimba world music

Enlarge this picture! Bartók said, "Folk music is a natural phenomenon", and then he shut off his gramophone with which he was recording the Ablakimba, ablakimba entitled folk song somewhere on the outskirts of the commune of Tura in Pest County. On his collecting trips he had heard incredible amount of material, but even in his wildest dreams he did not realize what kind of impact modern civilization would have on folk music. Just like the gramophone, in the span of 100 years, evolving into an mp3 player, the idea of folk music has also changed to suit our present needs. While traveling, the Cimbaliband has visited countless countries, and even if they did not endeavour to collect material from these regions like Bartók did before them, they nonetheless had the opportunity to play with Romanians, Spaniards, Serbs, Italians and many more, sampling at once the many variations of musical styles that the world has to offer. They brought with them from every regon a little souvenir int he form of music.

Therefore, as you can hear on this CD, the cimbalom is played not only in its accustomed surroundings, but also in a Latin bossa-nova style, or in a Turkish tune, or even in a Rock 'n' Roll number, perhaps in the end legitimizing the moniker that journalists have given Balázs Unger as "The cimbalom1s Chuck Berry".

Eszter Szita - voice
Balázs Unger - cimbalom, voice
Gellért Boda - violin
Péter Pataj - double bass, bass guitar
Gergő Unger - guitar, vocal
Dániel Horváth - drum, derbuka, cajon, can
Agatics Krunoszláv "Kico" - accordion

György Ferenczi - harmonica
Péter Makó - saxophone, tárogató
Gergely Tóth - viola
Máté Solymosi - violin

2.Fenn a csillag
6.Én az éjjel
7.Vágy (Sehnaz Longa)
8.Igénytelen dal
9.Kimondani nem lehet
bonus track
1.Fenn a csillag (Radio Edit)
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FA 2672 CD 2011   13.00
Live@Fonó world music

Enlarge this picture! Balázs Unger - cimbalom, voice
Eszter szita - voice
Gergő Unger - guitar, vocal
Krisztián Rodek - tamburabrács, derbuka, vocal
Wertetics Szlobodán - accordeon
Péter Pataj - double bass, bass guitar
Gellért Boda - violin

Arco di Capriccioso
László Ürmös - viola
Zoltán Jónás - violin
Béla Baranyi - violin
József Pénzes - cello
Sándor Budai - double bass

2.Libabőr - Creeps
3.Doiul din Banat - Songs from Banat
4.Dúdolós - Humming Song
5.Velencei álom - Venezian Dream
7.Oriental Mahala - Eastern Suburb
8.Bánat - Sorrow
9.Ez a világ - This World
10.Szerb tánc - Serbian Dance
11.Megyek az úton - I walk on the Way
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FA 2562 CD 2010   14.00
Black Lake
world music

Enlarge this picture! CimbaliBand is not a typical folk music group. Not one of the many, whose sound and style we might have become accustomed to. We have already heard Balkan music played in many ways: very authentic, very modern or electric, and mostly dominated by either brass or stringed instruments. The formation of CimbaliBand, fronted by the pairing of cimbalom and accordion, can be regarded as a pioneering enterprise. The harmony of these two instruments - together with vocals, violin, tambura, double bass and darbuka - helps to create sound which springs from a deeply rooted tradition yet is born at the very present. This fresh and dynamic music of today, played on entirely acoustic instruments, manages to captive even those who otherwise do not have an affinity for folk music.

Balázs Unger - cimbalom, viola, vocals
Weretics Szlobodán - accordion, vocals
Eszter Szita - vocals
Gellért Boda - violin, viola
Gergő Unger - guitar, vocals
Krisztián Rodek - tambura-viola, darbuka, vocals
Péter Pataj - double bass

Anita Kis - backing vocals
István Pál "Szalonna" - violin
Jeremy Barnes - accordion
Heather Throst - violin

1. Kanász - Swineherd
2.Leányvásár - Maiden Fair
3.Turceasca Oro
4.Legényes - Lad's Dance (Swing in Cluj)
5.Dúdolós - Humming song
6.Bucaresti Express
7.Páratlan érzés - Irregular Feeling
8.Bánat - Sorrow
9.Ördög útja - The Devil's Path
10.De szépen szól a cimbalom - How Beautiful The Cimbalom
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FA 2492 CD 2008   14.00
TransBalkan Express folk world music

Enlarge this picture! "For those who have seen "Black Cat, White Cat" or "Underground" from Emir Kusturica or heard the music of Taraf de Haiduks or the Boban Markovic Orkestar I guarantee that our melodies will strike a tone of familiarity. The band formed in the spring of 2006. The members are passionate balkan-music fans. In our music the most significant thing is the presence and lead role of the cymbalom. The other lead instrument is the accordion. The harmony produced by these two instruments and the mixture of accompanyment ultimately define our sound. In our repertoire you can find the "jewels" of Balkan and Hungarian melodies. Our songs are mostly tunes from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia." - The band

Balázs Unger - cimbalom, voice
Wertetics Szlobodán - accordeon
Gellért Boda - violin, viola
Krisztián Rodek - tambura, derbuka
Péter Pataj - double bass

Eszter Szita - voice
István Pál "Szalonna" - violin, vocal
Gergő Unger - electric guitar
Roland Nagy - drum, vocal

2.Velencei álom - Venezian Dream
3.Ez a világ - This is the World
4.Siciliana Karsilama
5.Selyemcsárdás - Silk-csardas
7.Lautar din Bacau - The Violinist of Bacau
8.Megyek az úton - I Walk on the Way
9.Oriental Mahala
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FA 2402 CD 2007   14.00