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Fassang László / Vincent Le Quang
Hungary / France
The Course Of The Moon jazz comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! "When we are about to play together, despite the normal tenseness felt by all who improvise before the big leap, we feel that sense of confidence too. Whatever happens, we know that that other artist with us will be present; he, too, won’t permit any breaks in the musical flow. It is the same as for flying trapeze artists: there is always a hand there, exactly where and when it should be, to prevent a fall… While improvising, our sense of the instant widens, an infinity of musical paths constantly rises to meet us at each moment. And at the same time, a truly inspired improvisation makes us feel like we took the only possible path… When we voluntarily lose ourselves to musical improvisation, we never choose this or that style from a predefined repertoire, since the music itself also talks and forces itself upon us (even if it would be dishonest to deny certain automatisms). We would like the music itself to do the talking, with us as a vehicle only. Effectively, this is the purpose of our search: bring it on, let it live." - László Fassang and Vincent Lê Quang

László Fassang - piano
Vincent Lê Quang - soprano saxophone

1.The Iron Gate
2.The Course Of The Sun
3.Kicsi Monkey
5.Deserted House
7.The Course Of The Moon
8.Vom Hills
9.I Left My Heart In Budapest
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ORP 005 FLQ1 CD 2007   14.00