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Karaván Familia
Asvin gipsy folk

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1.Asvin - Könnycsepp - Teardrop
2.Romanipe - Cigányság - Gipsyness
3.Ne menj el, babám! - Please, Don't Go, baby!
4.Le terne avena - Jönnek a fiatalok - Here Come the Young
5.Yalla, Yalla!
6.Shukara droma - Szépséges utak - Beautiful Roads
7.Garaduno suno - Elrejtett álom - Hidden Dreams
8.Pharo dyes - Nehéz nap - Hard Days
9.Hajnali Blues - Dawn Blues
10.Le shavora - A gyerekek - The Children
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FA 290-2 CD 2014   12.00
The Power of the Family
(La familijaki zor - a család ereje)
gipsy folk

Enlarge this picture! "The music of Karavan Familia group involves incredible human emotions and love and they are able to give back this love to their surroundings with their music. The audience feels that musicians with such strong cultural roots and talent are very rare to find. They play and sing with a total and true emotional background.
The Karavan Familia do not want to be suited for any fashion or trend. This CD is full of joy, dance tears, spin and life from the beginning to the end. We must know that nowadays a band like this is extremly rare since they represent the true eternal lasting MUSIC, which stands above different cultures." - Fruzsina Szép, director, Music Export Hungary

István Nagy - vocals, lead guitar, guitar, tamboura, mandolin, tambouritza, harmonica
Ica Farkas - vocals
Niki Nagy - vocals
István Nagy jr. - vocals, guitar, percussions

Guest musician:
József Horváth "Plutó" - bass guitar, double bass

1. Kerav mange jekh gili / Csinálok magamnak egy dalt / I make a song for myslef
2. Vojake sheja / Vidám lányok / Cheerful girls
3. Niki, Niki
4. La familijaki zor / A család ereje / The power of family
5. Cigány ballada / Cigány ballada / Gipsy ballad
6. Dulmutane gila / Régi cigány dallamok / Old Gipsy songs
7. Zha zha / Indulj! / Hit the road
8. Na dikh tu pe man! / Ne nézz rám / Do not look at me
9. Chorro shavo / Szegény cigány fiú / Poor Gipsy boy

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KF 02 CD 2008   14.00
Gypsy Crossroads folk

Enlarge this picture! "We have formed our repertoire from Gipsy Folk music arrangements. We play Gipsy folk songs and tunes with own lyrics from Hungary to Balkans and from Russia to Spain. The most important thing for us during the arranging is that every song and tune let become to our own part with their content, manner and mood. The music of "KARAVAN familia" is an authentic Gipsy music regarding its essence - but it is OUR Gipsy music..." - Karavan familia

István Nagy - voice, oral bass, guitars, tambura, bules-harmonica
Ilona Farkas "Ica" - voice, dance
István Nagy Jr. - voice, oral bass, guitars, water can, wooden spoons
Nikolett Nagy "Niki" - voice, dance, guitar

Special Guests:
Sándor Ónódi - double bass
Slobodan Wertetic - accordion
Dávid Eredics - saxophone, clarinet

1. Shej baxtali / Lucky Girl
2. Blues for Dimo
3. Rumba korkores / Lonley Rumba
4. Bare droma / Big Roads
5. Si man voja / I Have a Good Time
6. Otthon, Szabolcsban / At Home, In Szabolcs County
7. Romengo Dives / The Day of the Gypsies
8. Ando baro foro / In the Big City
9. Amari familija / Our Family
10. Sáros utca / Muddy Street
11. Gipsy Crossroads
12. O dadoro / The Daddy
13. Nikoletta
14. Avel o shavo / The Gypsy Boy is Coming
15. O trajo / The Life
16. Tradav / I'm Driving
17. Me sim baxtalo / I'm Lucky
18. Zhas khere! / Let's Go Home!

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KF 01 CD 2007   14.00