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Kormorán Memory Band
Bardo folk rock

Enlarge this picture! ccording to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, the primary meaning of the word „bardo” is intermediate state, which alludes to a crossroad-like, undertermined state of being. This type of „bardo”, for instance, is the period between the passing and the incarnation.
The Kormorán band’s first album, Folkd and Roll”, which came out in 1984, was the first among Hungarian bands that built the foundations around the idea of fusing the sounds of folk and rock together. Now, the founding members of the band, Péter Gál, Szilveszter Jenei and József Margit are returning from their long „bardo-status” with the release fo this new abum. Once again, the songs mirror the Carpathian region’s folk music, mixed with Anglo-Saxon’s rock and roll and the sound of World music.
Folk-Rock and Retro or FolkRETrock if you like.

Péter Gál – fiddle, vocal
Szilveszter Jenei – guitar, vocal
József Margit – bass, vocal
Attila Csávás – viola, bagpipe, taragot, kaval
Zoltán Drexler – drums
Gábor Kolbe – percussion, vocal
Bea Salamon – fiddle, vocal
Attila Vereckei – keyboards, vocal

1. Volt egyszer egy rózsa / Once There Was A Rose
2. Érintés / Touch
3. Csillagvándor / Star-Wandere
4. Stonehenge
5. Ararat
6. Bardo
7. Hol volt, hol nem / Once Upon A Time
8. Inferno
9. Repülj madár, repülj / Fly Bird Fly
10. Az úr érkezése / Arrival Of The Lord
11. Táltosok tánca / Dance Of The Shaman
12. Álomkép / Dream Image
13. Terra incognita
14. Én csillagom / My Star

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FA 2342 CD 2006   13.00