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Barbaro II. ethno

Enlarge this picture! Many-many years after first Barbaro record, with abated and changed membership, here is the “Barbaro II”. The style is similar, they replant Hungarian and neighbouring nations’ music into compositions that illustrate our modern world by their throbbing, running, sometimes violent, other times unexpectedly lyrical sounds. It’s like two geniuses of our century, Béla Bartók and Jimy Hendrix, who both were celebrated stars in two different fields, now come together on the Balkan, in the middle of barbarity (inhumanity) to tell us something in the universal language of music. This album is a good example of the harmonious and creative co-operation of different styles and individuals. From these different genres and styles the musicians put together a consistent musical world.

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BAR 2 MC 1994   2.00