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Solaris Fusion
Mystica (maxi) progressive

Enlarge this picture! As a follow-up of the fabulous Solaris ensemble, Solaris Fusion was founded in May 2007. As a result of a talent competition, Solaris was set up in 1980. After some fluctuations of the members, László Gömör (drum) and Tamás Pócs (bass guitar) joined in 1982. Their first album entitled Marsbéli Krónikák (The Martian Chronicles) was released in 1984. They proved their talents at several concerts and run their own club in one of Budapest most exclusive cellars, the so-called “Postás”. After their farewell concert in 1986 in the Petőfi Csarnok, the ensemble officially dissolved. And, it was at that point that their music started to conquer the world, with active support of all those who appreciated it: feed-backs and invitations came from Japan and many countries of the American continent. Public demands helped therefore survive the non-existing ensemble. The album "Nostradamus: the Book of Prophecies" released in 1999 was awarded “the progressive album of 2000” in Argentina. Thus, Solaris has become one of the few Hungarian ensembles with real global successes, at the most important progressive rock festivals of the American continent (NEARFest close to New York, in Washington D.C., ProgFest in Los Angeles, Baja ProgFest /Mexicali/, in Mexico City, in Monterrey and at the Rio Art Rock Festival, Brazil). Therefore Solaris Fusion’s burden is not easy. After 13 years of silence in Hungary, Solaris had a successful come-back concert on 23 April 2006 in the Palace of Arts, in Budapest. In spite of all promising events, several members have however decided not to continue on the stage. Influenced by their enthusiastic supporters and love for music, László Gömör and Tamás Pócs have thought that live performance of progressive music should go on and they make all efforts to make it popular. Their action was greatly affected by the widely up-coming commercial media. They contacted Vali Barcsik, the composer and singer of Twin Peaks, and excellent player of key instruments. After Solaris, Vali worked with Tamás and László, as a composer and key-player during the period of Napoleon Boulevard founded by the Solaris members. Earlier, Tamás played with András Káptalan (guitar), who had been member of the Prognózis for 9 years. They both were aware of the skills of the other, so it was evident that Tamás invited him to play in the new group. György Bartha, number one of Jethro Tull Tribute Band asked László to play drum, but at the end of their talk, György has turned up to become flutist of Solaris Fusion. Their main objective is to increase the recognition and acceptance of progressive rock music. They emphasise it is important that the public may listen to the classical instrumental music at live concert, therefore they regularly tour. Both the classical Solaris songs and their new compositions are generally on the concert programmes. With their first concert in the Postás club, they turned back to the roots. The name has changed to Benczúr club and many years have passed since the last evening in the club, but the hall was full. Feedbacks concerning the first concert of the new group have shown that they made a good decision: THIS MUSIC HAS TO SURVIVE!!!

Vali Barcsik - billentyűs hangszerek
György Bartha - fuvola
László Gömör - dobok
András Káptalan - gitárok
Tamás Pócs - basszusgitár

1.Mystica (4:11)
2.Secret of Mahagma (5:19)
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BGCD 183 CD 2007   5.00