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Berkó folk

Enlarge this picture! The Berkó Ensemble is ten years old this year. This record is a celebration of taht anniversary.

"Thanks to our personal experiences with musicians in the village of Méra (in the Kalotaszeg region of Transylvania), the music of that region forms the backbone of this record - from the dawn songs all the way to the Gypsy csárdás. Our experiences in Kalotaszeg have also helped us play the other music heard on this recording. In the last few years, the traditional style of playing has changed a lot. The violin is slowly being replaced by the saxophone, the viola and accordion by the 'orga' or synthesizer, the double bass by drums or bass guitar. New melodies are coming into the repertoire; at weddings the music blasts out through amplifiers. Romanian, Gypsy and Hungarian music are getting all mixed together.
These changes are reflected in the final track on this record, wherein the guitar and saxophone have been borrowed from the city music and added to the virtuoso violin style and traditional accompaniment. This is a kind of experiment blending the cocept of traditional music with new possibilities." - Berkó Ensemble

Csaba Soós - violin
Zoltán Bobár - voice, accordion, 3 stringed viola, "Sajó" viola, synthesizer, drums
Márton Éri - 3 stringed viola, 4 stringed viola
András Bognár - double bass

Kálmán Balogh - cimbalom
Péter Bede - saxophone
Milós Both - guitar
Péter Éri - voice
Pál Havasréti - voice
György Lányi - voice

1. Két és fél
Kalotaszegi cigánycsárdás, csingerálás
2. Péterlaki cigánycsárdás
3. Széki Magyar és sűrű tempó
4. Megyek az úton...
Mérai hajnali
5. Vajdaszentiványi
Korcsos és szöktető
6. Samu-menet
Kalotaszegi legényes, csárdás és szapora
7. Bonchidai ritka és sűrű magyar
8. Palatkai
Akasztós, szökős, sebescsárdás és korcsos
9. Mérai lakodalmas I.
Kalotaszegi csárdás és csingerálás
10. Mérai lakodalmas II.

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ERCD 095 CD 2007   10.00