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Spooky Tooth
Great Britain
Lost In My Dream - An Anthology 1968–1974 (2CD) progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! 2CD anthology by the legendary Spooky Tooth, spanning their entire recorded output for Island Records from their first single to 1974\\\'s \\\'The Mirror\\\'(released in the USA on the label). Evolving from the VIP\\\'s into psychedelic rockers Art before becoming Spooky Tooth, the band were one of the early stars of the label along with compatriots Traffic. One of the most intelligent acts of their time, they recorded a series of diverse albums including the classic \\\'Spooky Two\\\' and the experimental work \\\'Ceremony\\\' (also released by Esoteric Recordings this month). Including non-album singles, a previously unreleased mix of \\\'Lost in My Dream\\\' and two previously unreleased songs from 1968, this anthology is the most comprehensive collection of Spooky Tooth\\\'s finest work yet and is a fine tribute to a fine, and sometimes overlooked, band.

2.Sunshine Help Me
3.Society's Child
4.It's All About A Roundabout
5.Here I Lived So Well
6.Tobacco Road
7.Love Really Changed Me
8.Luger's Groove
9.The Weight
10.When I Get Home (previously unreleased)
11.Something Got Into Your Life (previously unreleased)
12.Lost In My Dream (first mix - previously unreleased)
13.Better By You, Better Than Me
14.Waitin' For The Wind
15.Feelin' Bad
16.Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree
17.Oh! Pretty Woman
2.The Wrong Time
3.I Am The Walrus
4.Son Of Your Father
5.The Last Puff
7.Times Have Changed
8.Cotton Growing Man
9.Ocean Of Power
10.As Long As The World Keeps Turning
11.Things Change
12.Sunlight Of My Mind
13.Fantasy Shifter
14.Higher Circles
15.Hell Or High Water
16.The Mirror
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ECLEC 22132 CD 2009   20.00
Last Puff (digipack) progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Spooky Tooth's first released on the Island label in 1970 and produced by Chris Blackwell. One of the earliest ‘heavy’ bands famed for their soulful gospel sound and solid beat, they had leapt to fame with the release of their first two critically acclaimed albums. After two years of heavy touring they underwent some personnel changes. Keyboard player Gary Wright and bassist Greg Ridley left, and this set was recorded by Mike Harrison (vocals, keyboards) with Luther Grosvenor (guitar), Mike Kellie (drums) and new recruits Henry McCullough (guitar), Alan Spenner (bass) and Chris Stainton (keyboards). Among the seven tracks are stirring versions of the Beatles’ classic ‘I Am the Walrus’ and Elton John’s ‘Son Of Your Father’. Four bonus tracks are added to the original album, and feature a selection of single versions.

Robert Beale Engineer
Chris Blackwell Producer
Luther Grosvenor Guitar
Mike Harrison Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Humphries Engineer
Mike Kellie Drums
Henry McCullough Guitar
Alan Spenner Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Chris Stainton Organ, Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Producer

1. I Am The Walrus
2. The Wrong Time
3. Something To Say
4. Nobody There At All
5. Down River
6. Son Of Your Father
7. The Last Puff

8. Son Of Your Father (Mono Single Version)
9. I've Got Enough Heartache (Mono Single Version)
10. I Am The Walrus (Mono Single Version)
11. Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree (Mono Single Version)

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REPCD 1073 CD 1970   16.00
Spooky Two progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Spooky Tooth was part of a new wave of British bands that impacted on the late Sixties, with a more soulful form of heavy rock. Signed to Island Records alongside Free and Traffic, they quickly established their own sound. The original line up included Mike Harrison (piano, vocals), Luther Grosvenor (guitar) the late Greg Ridley (bass) and Mike Kellie (drums). It’s Kellie’s steady drumming that sets the mood andtempo on ‘Waitin’ For The Wind’, the opening track on the band’s second album, first released in 1969. Produced by Jimmy Miller –and including stand out performances on ‘Feelin’ Bad’, ‘Evil Woman’ and ‘Lost In My Dream’ - ‘Spooky Two’ is a classic album.

- Luther Grosvenor / guitar
- Mike Harrison / keyboards, vocals
- Mike Kellie / drums
- Greg Ridley / bass, guitar
- Gary Wright / keyboards, vocals

1. Waitin' For The Wind
2. Feelin' Bad
3. I've Got Enough Heartaches
4. Evil Woman
5. Lost In My Dream
6. That Was Only Yesterday
7. Better By You, Better Than Me
8. Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree

9. That Was Only Yesterday (Mono Single Version)
10. Oh! Pretty Woman
11. Waitin' For The Wind (Mono Single Version)
12. Feelin' Bad (Mono Single Version)

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REPCD 1061 CD 1969   16.00
Ceremony progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a new Remastered edition of the classic experimental work 'Ceremony', a collaborative project between Spooky Tooth and 'Musique Concrete' composer Pierre Henry. Subtitled 'An Electronic Mass' the record was composed by Spooky Tooth's Gary Wright and Henry. Released by Island Records in 1969, the album caused a sensation, dividing the opinion of critics and fans of Spooky Tooth alike. A haunting, dark Gothic fusion of rock and Henry's unique electronic avant-garde style, the album would lead to the break-up of the original line-up of the group. The subject of Mojo magazine's 'Buried Treasure' column in 2008, 'Ceremony' remains a truly unique and impressive work and is the companion release to the 2CD Spooky Tooth anthology 'Lost in My Dream - The Island Years 1967 - 1974' also released by Esoteric Recordings this month.

- Pierre Henry / synthesizer, electronics
- Gary Wright / vocals, organ, keyboards
- Luther Grosvenor / guitars
- Mike Harrison / vocals, keyboards
- Mike Kellie / drums and percussion
- Andy Leigh / bass, guitar

1.Have Mercy
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ECLEC 2133 CD 1969   17.00