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Winkler Balázs
Open Window
(Tárt ablak)

Enlarge this picture! Basically, Balázs WINKLER is a TRUMPET-PLAYER. He has toured the whole world as member of various symphonic and chamber orchestras and, of course, with After Crying. As a musician he is rather an outstanding “team-member” of a music community, and not a conventional soloist trumpet virtuoso who wants to celebrate his own brilliant knowledge. However, he has released now a piano CD – because he is also a PIANO-PLAYER. As a piano-player, he does not long for a general career playing a sole piano on the stage and brilliantly performing various pieces composed himself or by others. His teachers “in addition to technical details, emphasised the importance of interpretation, message and articulation.” And they were right to do it so. Though Balázs WINKLER is a team worker (trumpet), he best expresses his inner sentimental world with piano pieces. (You should only listen to the very simple piano solo in the second theme of After Crying’s „Secret Service”, the nicest lyric melody of the orchestra.) This ALBUM reflects well WINKLER’s philosophy on arts and offers real spiritual and artistic experience to the audience.
Balázs WINKLER is my friend and I am proud of being the editor and publisher of such a talented young performer-composer. I wish many other WINKLER’s CDs were made in our world where downloading and copying are commonplace.
Gergely BÖSZÖRMÉNYI – editor, publisher

Balázs Winkler – keyboards, programming

Orsolya Winkler – hegedű
Balázs Bozay – hegedű
Zsófia Winkler – brácsa
Béla Gál – cselló
Csaba Sipos – bőgő
Zsolt Madai – dob

1.Tárt ablak - Open Window (2:32)
2.Körtánc - Round (2:03)
3.Utoljára - At Last (3:08)
4.Csikó - Foal (1:48)
5.Levél - Leaf (2:37)
6.Fogócska - Tag (2:23)
7.Falun - In the Village (2:02)
8.Esti kérdés - Evening Question (3:46)
9.Búcsú - Farewell (2:54)
10.Ballada Irisz fátyoláról - Ballad on the veil of Iris (2:33)
11.Egyedül - Alone (2:24)
12.Tréfa - Joke (1:15)
13.Népdal - Folk Song (2:19)
14.Emlék - Memory (2:59)
15.Lovasok - Horsemen (1:59)
16.Naplemente - Sunset (1:29)
17.Donna Isabella (2:30)
18.Felhők fölött - Above the Clouds (2:40)
19.Megnyugvás ösvényein - On the Path of Relief (1:51)
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BGCD 185 CD 2007   12.00