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Periferic 2007
Symphonic-Art Rock From Hungary sympho-rock art-rock

Enlarge this picture! When listening to the CDs’ music works released by Periferic Records, many people have often noticed that these compositions have the effect of a film, if enjoyed with close eyes. I myself have the same impression. This “Best of” album contains, with one exception, exclusively instrumental records, without songs, and even the unique song induces a film-effect. All the compositions, including the three still unreleased records – Dreaming Earth, Riz Levente, D Sound – give a good overview of the 2007 „symphonic-art-rock” year.

1.SOLARIS FUSION - Secret Of Mahagma (5:19)
2.DREAMING EARTH - Indián tavasz IV. tétel (7:05)
3.ANDORKA PÉTER - Európa csendes (4:45)
4.WINKLER BALÁZS - Körtánc (2:03)
5.VEDRES CSABA & KAIROSZ Q - Zongoraötös - I. tétel (6:37)
6.RIZ LEVENTE - Törve vagy halva (4:11)
7.AFTER CRYING - Pilgrim's March (5:11)
8.MUSICAL WITCHCRAFT - Levitáció (2:52)
9.D SOUND - Subway (4:06)
10.SOLARIS FUSION - Mystica (4:11)
11.VEDRES CSABA & KAIROSZ Q - The Gate (4:17)
12.FÉDRA - Dawn (3:54)
13.WINKLER BALÁZS - Búcsú (2:54)
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BGCD 189 CD 2007   10.00
Folk-World-Ethno From Hungary folk world music world music

Enlarge this picture! There are certain years in music history when musicians reach their top and produce high quality compositions and albums. 2007 was such a year in Periferic Records’ life as demonstrated by this CD. I bow my head before the young(er) generation by releasing and proudly disseminating their music, in our world ready to download CDs. You can listen to the best pieces of folk music, world music, church music and folk-rock. I am really glad to be their editor.
Gergely Böszörményi

1.TRANSYLMANIA - Indulj el (4:54)
2.FLÓTÁS - Ballada (5:03)
3.PÁL LAJOS ÉS ZENEKARA - Szatmári dallamok (6:34)
4.ANDORKA PÉTER - Hogy volna kedvem (4:59)
5. BAKOS ÁRPÁD - III. tétel (2:49)
6.SZKÍTIA - Szabadság szerelem (7:03)
7.DONGÓ EGYÜTTES - Haj, rege rejtem (2:43)
8.FUGATO ORCHESTRA - Hoquetus (2:50)
9.BUDAPEST RAGTIME BAND - Hungarian Dances (5:29)
10.KORMORÁN - Kedvesem (6:20)
11.VÖLGYESSY SZOMOR FANNI - Elment az én rózsám (3:50)
12.TÚLPART EGYÜTTES - Széllel sodort (2:44)
13.REFORMÁTUS KÓRUSOK - No minden népek (47.) (2:31)
14.REFORMÁTUS KÓRUSOK - Kodály Zoltán 114..zsoltár-Hogy Izráel (3:39)
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BGCD 188 CD 2007   10.00