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Syntax Orchestra
Mozizom - Cinema Jazz jazz

Enlarge this picture! Syntax Cinema Orchestra appeared on the Hungarian musical scene in 2005. With its compositions on the verge of jazz and contemporary music this unconventional orchestra has soon caught the attention of the perceptive audience. Now, with their first album (Mozizom - Cinema'C, 2008, AR01/) in their hands, they are already prominent members of the Hungarian underground jazz stage.

The “Syntax-conception” of interrelating music and images lifts their shows above any conventional category. On their first album the music, which in itself reminds us of a montage, gives life to video montages composed of classical films (Fellini, Jarmush, Fritz Lang, Tarkovsky). From traditional jazz they only kept the instruments (sax, drum, double bass, guitar, bass clarinet), but they also use instruments of the Far-east and Africa, and electronic equipments (sampler, loopstations) creating an interesting musical mixture that makes every Sytnax-concert an unforgettable audiovisual experience, for music and film lovers as well.

Tódor Nagy Krisztián - guitar
Zsolt Feke - double bass
Márton Palatinszky - bass clariner
Gábor Weisz - sax
András Halmos - drums

1.New Home
2.Florida para
3.Hommage a Philip Glass
4.Bakonysági Dal / Bakonysag Song
5.Mozizom / Cinema'C
6.Nóta / Folksy Song
7.My Name is Nobody
8.Dream in Rimini
9.Túl a vízen / Beyond the Water
10.Csend van. Igen / It's Quite Now. Yes
11.5 tibeti / 5 Tibetian
12.Az idő egy parttalan folyó / Time is a River Without Banks
13.Kutyatánc / Dogdance
15.500 Kolibri
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AR 01 DVD+CD 2008   15.00