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Budapest Jazz Orchestra / Kevin Mahogany
Hungary / U.S.A.
Everything is Alright jazz

Enlarge this picture! "BJO beyond doubt has become Hungary's leading big band during the past 10 years of its existance. The band draw the public's attention by presenting music of the greatest american jazz performers at their shows - avoiding just simple reproduction of the classic compositions. Beside the classic jazz repertoire the audeinece could hear composition of the BJO members.
The majority of the tracks is composed by the members of the band. Apart from Gábor Kollmann's title track , there are two other remarkable works by Janos Hamori reminiscent to Count Basie and Chet Baker. The arrangements mix the traditional big band sound with contemporary trends. Inspite of their young age, the musicians are all represent the frontline of the hungarian jazz scene and who are not only great soloists but practiced masters of orchestral teamwork as well - given that playing in big band requires different attiude from playing in chamber group.
The band handles the big band clihés exceedingly: changes in tempo, instrumental dialogues or the brass- and drum solo parts are all well-balanced.
The album is featuring the afro-american singer known from the movie Kansas City, Kevin Mahogany. His strong vocal reminiscent of Joe Williams and his routineful scatting gives a distinctive edge to the production.
BJO is not only a „regular” 17-member orchestra, but - countinuing its tradition - a creative workshop as well. Hopefully the band will carry on the sound filled with conservative elegancy- wich is an exhilarating exception in the uniformed world of postbop and etno-jungle."

Attila Márton

1.Just For Basie
2.Upper Manhattan Medical Group
3.Silver In The Black
4.Everything's Alright
5.Let's Have A Chet
6.My Romance
8.Last Chance
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BJO 2007 CD 2007   12.00