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Lakatos Róbert és a RÉV
Révület world music

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2.Csárdás és szapora Kalotaszegről
3.A szerelem oly madárka
4.Bodrogközi muzsika
5.Sír a szemem hull a könnyem
6.Oglanin Elinde
7.Szúnyog dal
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Viola Dance
world music

Enlarge this picture! "Rév (ferry port) – it is described in an online dictionary as a protected port for ferries and boats. This is where goods are loaded and where people board a ferry.
Having lived in two countries, Róbert Lakatos was born to become a ferryman for two reasons. The first one is that his music gives the listener tranquility and catharsis and the hope of arriving safe to the other bank. The second reason for Robi being a ferryman is that he feels at home on both banks of the river of music. On one bank there is classical highbrow music and great composers, such as Béla Bartók, and on the other one there is folk music with musicians, such as Géza Potta, a Gipsy violinist from Abaújszina. Róbert Lakatos is one of the few folk musicians who play in a symphonic orchestra, but in their heart they will always remain folk musicians and will not forget about the friendship and the instructions of Géza Potta. Despite the fact that Róbert Lakatos is a viola player in a symphonic orchestra, he is an excellent violinist. When he plays the violin, nobody would tell that he is a viola player. As for the band of Róbert Lakatos, it deserves to be called a perfect ferry of music: at points they can play as a real Gipsy band, and at other points they perform as an accurate chamber orchestra. The voice of Éva Korpás is the flag of this ship, no matter whether she sings in Romanian, Slovak or Hungarian.
Finally, the listeners who have decided to board this ferry can lean back and enjoy the sailing, because the joy in this cruise is the music itself not coming safe into port." - László Kelemen

Róbert Lakatos - viola, violin

Éva Korpás - voice
Attila Oláh - voice, kanna
Ádám Takács - violin, viola
Sándor Kuti - cimbalom
László Mester - 3-stringed viola, viola
Zoltá Hanusz - viola, guitar
Tibor Lelkes - double bass

Ágnes Herczku - voice
György Konrád - viola

1.Erdélyes - Transylvanian
2.Ej, hej, mit tegyek... - Oh, What hould I do…
3.A pozsonyi sétatéren - On the Promenade in Pozsony
4.Szunyogtánc - Mosquito Dance
5.Katonanóta - Soldier’s Song
6.Tá bystrická kasárna - Those Barracks in Bystrica
7.Oláh tánc - Walachian Dance
8.Rutén nóta - Ruthenian Song
9.Máramarosi variációk - Variations from Máramaros
10.Meghalok én magáért … - I die for You
11.Potta Géza emlékére - In Memory of Géza Potta
12.Csillagtalan setét éjjel - Dark Night with no Stars
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