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World Fusion world music fusion

Enlarge this picture! Kalengo world fusion is a kind of specific sounding and musical language.
The style of the band is a unique mixture of fusion jazz and world music of Mid-Eastern Europe with some influence of oriental music. Their music expresses the implication of the archaic music-, and rhythm world into the new soundings which creates their specific atmosphere.
The band members had been performed on the stages of most European Jazz Festivals. They came from all kinds of musical styles and genres but they create a unified sound with their play. A young and extremely talented singer is giving a lot to the band’s unique sound and style.

Kálmán Mády - drums, udu, talking drum, anklung, gato drum, shakers, cajonga, oli barrel, bongo, checkere, derbuka, piccolo conga
Ákos György - piano, synthetiser, flute, kaval, marimba
László Kedl - soprano sax, clarinet, alto sax, recorder
István Kátai - conga, bongo, derbuka, jam block, chimes, cascara
Donát Takács - bass
Kata Sztankovics – vocals

2. On The Way
3. Desert Song
4. Oasis
5. Mirage
6. South Wind
7. Lonely Bird
8. Urban Rider
9. Mediterranean Dance
10. Back To Home
11. Street Joy

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TTCD 111 CD 2008   7.50