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Sárik Péter Trió
Lucky Dog jazz

Enlarge this picture! Péter Sárik - piano
Tibor Fonay - double bass, bass
Attila Gálfi - drums

Mihály Borbély - sax
István Gyárfás - guitar
Bálint Gyémánt - guitar
Petra Várallyay - vocal, violin
Gergely Tar - percussion

2.Big City Tale
3.Whisper in My Drowning Mind
4.You Drive Me Crazy
5.I let you Go
6.What I Never Told You
7.Man with a Hat
8.Innocent Love
9.I can't Leave
10.Do you Remember?
11.Lucky Dog
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HRCD 1610 CD 2016   14.00
Better Tomorrow jazz

Enlarge this picture! Sarik Peter Trio is one of the greatest jazz trios of Hungary from the new generation. The Trio's style is a combination of Latin, mainstream and modern jazz. Their performances are always warmly welcomed and appreciated by audiences as they play their own compositions of catchy melodies and true jazz.
Peter Sarik Trio was formed in 2007 with members who all had a history as successful musicians and as parts of the cream of the Hungarian jazz scene. Pianist Peter Sarik and bassist Gyorgy Frey were given the award of Best Band of the Year in 2004 by the Hungarian National Radio. Since then, Peter has proven himself as an acknowledged composer as well, having participated in highly prestigious American and British songwriting competitions with huge success. Drummer Tamas Berdisz has also been awarded for his musical excellence and has had the pleasure of performing together with such artists as Bob Mintzer or Kenny Mahogany.
The album contains exclusively originals of the trio composed by band members. The music is positive, energetic awakening all new thoughts in the listener. The core of the music constitutes of almost classic, standard-like melodies, and these are presented in various interesting arrangements. The final sound is modern, sweeping, but still easy-listening. The style can be defined as a combination of Latin mainstream and modern jazz.

Péter Sárik - piano
György Frey - bass
Tamás Berdisz - drums

1. A new day's morning
2. Believe it or not
3. Turkey
4. Soul
5. Better times are coming
6. El bailador
7. What will be the end of it?
8. I'll catch you
9. I'm looking forward to you
10. Don Camilo
11. Adio

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TTCD 109 CD 2008   16.00