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Michel & Baltazar Montanaro
Montanaro Duo world music

Enlarge this picture! "If someone would not know, Mishi is a wizard. He enchants all of us with his recorder, accordion, charming Hungarian speech and wonderfully talented son, who is a fiddler. The proof of all that is this recording and the texts of the handbook that have been written by him in all of the languages."
Dániel Gryllus

1. Tovább
2. Tangoide
3. Loco Locomo
4. Murmures
5. Kardos
6. Nóstra vida
7. Kis Vilmos
8. Rendez-Vous
9. Pipa D'aiga
10. Gülseren
11. Szép lovam
12. Turca
13. Dans le noir
14. X.Ova

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GCD 086 CD 2009   16.00