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Yamashta, Stomu
Goo Too progressive

Enlarge this picture! Classic Album featuring Klaus Schulze, Jess Roden, Michael Shrieve and Al Di Meola Booklet With Photos & Liner Notes. Go Too was the final album in Stomu Yamashta'sGo trilogy of albums. The first two works ( Go! and Go! Live from Paris both available on Esoteric Recordings) released by Island Records featured the Japanese percussionist and instrumentalist collaborate with such stellar names as Steve Winwood, Klaus Schulze and Michael Shrieve to produce two classic albums of Progressive and Ambient Rock. Moving to Arista Records in 1977, YAMASHTA completed his trilogy with another excellent work that featured his previous collaborators (with the exception of Steve Winwood). This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been re-mastered from the original master tapes, restores all artwork in full and follows on from the successful reissues of Yamashta'sIsland catalogue by Esoteric earlier this year.

- Stomu Yamashta / synthesizers, piano, tympani, percussion
- Klaus Schulze / keyboards
- Peter Robinson / keyboards
- Al DiMeola / guitar
- Doni Harvey / guitar, vocals
- Jess Roden / lead vocals
- Linda Lewis / lead vocals
- Paul Jackson / bass
- Michael Shrieve / drums
- Brother James / percussio

2.Seen You Before
4.Mysteries Of Love
5.Wheels Of Fortune
7.You And Me
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ECLEC 2151 CD 1977   17.00
Go progressive

Enlarge this picture! Stomu Yamashta is a master percussionist who studied jazz drumming at the Berklee School Of Jazz. In the 1970’s he recorded a string of innovative albums for Island records which utilised the talents of such leading musicians as Hugh Hopper, Maurice Pert, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve and Klaus Schulze, fusing his percussion talents with jazz, electronic and classical music to creat an ambient form of music all of his own. His music has been used by the Royal Ballet.

Originally released in April 1976, “Go” is perhaps Yamashta’s finest achievement and also featured collaborators Steve Winwood and Michael Shrieve along with artists such as Klaus Schulze and ex-Traffic and future Can bassist Rosko Gee.

Stomu Yamashta - keyboards, percussion
Steve Winwood - vocals, keyboards
Michael Shrieve - drum kit
Klause Schulze - synthesizers
Rosko Gee - bass guitar
Chris West - rhythm guitar
Pat Thrall - solo and rhythm guitar
Julian Marvin - rhythm guitar
Al Di Meola - solo guitar
Hisako Yamashta - violin, vocals
Bernie Holland - guitar
Lennox Langton - cogas
Brother James - congas
Thunderthighs - backing vocals
Paul Buckmaster - orchestral arrangements

3.Air Over
4.Crossing The Line
5.Man Of Leo
8.Space Requiem
9.Space Song
11.Ghost Machine
12.Surf Spin
13.Time Is Here
14.Winner / Loser
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ECLEC 2081 CD 1976 / 2008   17.00
Go! - Live from Paris progressive

Enlarge this picture! Released 27/10/08. The album “Go”, released in April 1976, was a fine achievement and Yamashta assembled a band featuring collaborators Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze and Al Di Meola to deliver a series of stunning concerts. The Parisian concert was captured by Island Records and was released as “Go Live From Paris” in 1977.

Stomu Yamashta - percussion, piano, synthesizers
Steve Winwood - vocals, keyboards
Michael Shrieve - drum kit
Klaus Schultze - synthesizers
Al Di Meola - solo guitar
Jerome Rimson - bass
Pat Thrall - guitar
Brother James - congas
Karen Friedman - vocals

1.Space Song (2:29)
2.Carnival (1:18)
3.Windspin (8:17)
4.Ghost Machine (3:51)
5.Surfspin (2:12)
6.Time Is Here (6:58)
7.Winner Loser (5:26)
8.Solitude (2:01)
9.Nature (4:27)
10.Air Voice (2:19)
11.Crossing The Line (5:33)
12.Man Of Leo (14:22)
13.Stellar (1:22)
14.Space Requiem (3:14)
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ECLEC 2086 CD 1976 / 2008   17.00