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Carmina Danubiana
At The Foot Of Buda Castle
(Budavár tövében - A Hunyadiak emlékezete a folklórba)
folk world music

Enlarge this picture! Memories of the Hunyadi Family in the National Folklore. In addition to native ones, on our record commemorating the Hunyadi family Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian folk songs and old literary pieces can be listened to, in Hungarian translation. In these songs historical figures are not only portrayed on the basis of their fighting against the Turks, but also as characters in love stories. Besides the works centering tragic events (such as the defeat at Varna or the hiding of voivode Jankula), there occur some amusing ones (the quarrel between King Matthias and the riddle solving maid, or between Him and Petar Dojcin), too. Mátyás anyja (that is Mother of Matthias) by János Arany, and ballad from Szék (Middle Transylvania), as well as the Slovenian version of the adaptation of the original Orpheus-story to the person of Matthias count to be two delicacies that are both taken to the folklore. When treating a text that lacks its original tune, we were searching after tunes that find their roots in the same region attending to the fact that it is essential to sound instruments that characterize the given area the most.

Carmina Danubiana:
Katalin Juhász - voice
István Csörsz Rumen - voice, lute, kobza, tambur, ud, cimbalom, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, kaval
Zoltán Szabó - voice, gajda, gajde, bagpipe, clarinet, pipe, kaval, ocarina, samica, tambur, double bass

Géza Orczy - tapan, saz, zura, tarabuka, tambur
Ferenc Dervár "Kume" - voice, tambur
János Mazura - tuba
András Jánosi - violin
András Túri - viola
Gyula László Kozma "Koszta" - cello
Katalin Szabó - voice
Kata Izsák - voice

1.Előhang - Prologue
2.Néktök emléközöm - I evoke for you
3.Szekula fiúcska - Little chap Sekula
4.Jankó és a tündér - Jankó and the fairy
5.Fiam kedves - Dear son
6.Duna-víz - Danube water
7.Fehér Jana - White Yana
8.Jankics lakodalma - Wedding of Yankich
9.Mátyás anyja - Mother of Mattias
10.Mátyás koronázása - Coronation of Matthias
11.Ifjú Mátyás király - Young King Matthias
12.Dojcin Petar
13.Mátyás pokoljárása - Matthias in Limbo
14.Budavár tövében - At the foot of Buda Castle
15.Altaó - Lullaby
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