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Orczy Géza / Szabó Zoltán
Elves & Witches
(Tündérek és boszorkák)
world music

Enlarge this picture! Researches have shown that in the fairy mythology native in the Pannonian basin and the Balkan Peninsula, "willies, fairies, nereids, fine ladies, mermaids" can turn out to be helpful as well as harmful or positively evil, their activity a hundredfold intermingled with that of humans. Fairies dance on riverbanks or clearings in the woods, to pipe or flute music. It is here that pipers get the special "SKILL" without which they cannot become real musicians. In the Drava Region, pipers get the little finger on the left hand broken so as to become great musicians. The following text, which I came across in a songbook published in Sofia in 1893, shows that the Piper, or Kaval Player, Boshko of that time also had his experience with fairies. Géza and I agree that if we are to play such music at dancehalls of feasts, we can be successful only if we have an excellent relationship with the fairies and fine ladies of our own time. We adore THEM so we would like to dedicate this tremendous music that European ears may find unfamiliar to them in the first place.

Zoltán Szabó - Bulgarian , Macedonian, Hungarian bagpipes, diple, dvojnice, peasant flute, Moldavian kaval, bass-prim tambur, clarinet, soprano saxophone, zurna
Géza Orczi - tapan, tarabuka, zura, Bulgarian tambur

Kati Izsák - voice
Katalin Juhász - voice
János Mazura - tuba
István Rumen Csörsz - kobsa
László Halász - accordion

1.Tündértánc - Fairy Dance I.
2."Királytánc" (Tündér Ilona) - "King Dance" (Fairy Ilona)
3.Ha folyóvíz volnék
5.Tavaszi szél
7.Hova mész, hova mész
8.Tündértánc - Fairy Dance II.
9.Fekete tündérek - Black Fairies
10.Szépasszonybál - Fine Ladies' Ball
11.Erdei tündérek - Fairies of the Wood
12.Boszorkánylövés - Witch's Kick
13.Boszorkányinduló - Witch March I.
14.Boszorkányinduló - Witch March II.
15.Zajko kokorajko
16. Boszorkányszombat - Witch-sabbath
17.Tündértánc - Fairiy Dance III.
18.Tündértánc - Fairiy Dance IV.
19.A tündér halála - Death of the Fairy
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CSRI-006 CD 2009   9.00