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Tóth Evelin / Drake, Hamid
Hungary / U.K.
Let Him Kiss Me...
(Csókoljon meg...)
world music

Enlarge this picture! I had the good fortune to meet Evelin several years ago at The Mediawave Festival in Győr, Hungary. We were involved in a workshop together. I knew then that I wanted to do something with her that would involve a smaller group situation. When the chance arose for us to record togehter we both jumped at the opportunity. Evelin truly uses her voice and musical expression to harmonize and fan the flames of this symphonic rhythm of life that finds on of it's greatest expressions through love. Love is the food source of this illumination. I am delighted and honored to be a part of this recording." - Hamid Drake

Evelin Tóth - vocal
Hamid Drake - drums, vocal

Róbert Benkő - double bass
Mihály Dresch - bass larinet, kaval
László Fassang - Hammond organ
Zoltán Lantos - violin
Miklós Küronya - bass

1.Énekek éneke 1. - Song of Songs 1.
2.Szefárd jazz - Sephardic Jazz
3.Hamid dala - Hamid's Song
4.Néha úgy érzem - Sometimes I Feel
5.Néha úgy érzem - Sometimes I Feel
6.Énekek éneke 2. - Song of Songs 2.
7.Elvágtam a kicsi ujjam - I Have Cut My Little Finger
8.Énekek éneke 3. - Song of Songs 3.
9.Afrika - Africa
10.Énekek éneke 4. - Song of Songs 4.
11.Madárdal - Bird Song
12.Énekek éneke 5. - Song of Songs 5.
13.Haza is kéne már menni - It's Time to Go Home
14.Sefárd dal - Sephardic Song
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HRCD 902 CD 2009   12.00