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East of Eden
Great Britain
East Of Eden progressive

Enlarge this picture! -Jeff Allen / drums, percussion
- Dave Arbus / violin, saxophone, flute
- David Jack / vocals, bass, guitar
- Jim Roche / guitar

1.Wonderful Feeling
3.Crazy Daisy
4.Here Comes The Day
5.Take What You Need
6.No Time
7.To Mrs. V
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REPCD 4877 CD 1971   12.00
Snafu progressive

Enlarge this picture! East of Eden's second album, "Snafu" was originally released in 1970 by Deram Records and saw the band take their particular fusion of jazz, psychedelia, world music and even blue beat, one step further. As ever, the instrumental prowess of Dave Arbus on violin dominated the music, leading eventually to Arbus playing the infamous violin solo on "Baba O'Reilly" by The Who. "Snafu" was the result of many months in the studio, before being shelved in favour of starting work on a fresh project. This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been remastered from the original master tapes and features many unreleased bonus tracks, including five previously unreleased tracks from the aborted album sessions and alternate demo and single versions of their 1971 hit, "Jig-A-Jig". An extensive essay features interviews and previously unseen photographs.

Dave Arbus - violin, wind instruments
Geoff Britton - drums, percussion
Ron Caines - saxophones, vocals
Geoff Nicholson - guitars, vocals
Andy Sneddon - bass

1.Have to whack it up (2:20)
2.Leaping beauties for Rudy / Marcus junior (7:02)
3.Xhorkham / Ramadham / In the snow for a blow (8:07)
4.Uno transito ciapori (2:28)
5.Gum arabic / Confucius (8:18)
6.Nymphenburger (6:15)
7.Habibi baby / Beast of Sweden / Boehm constrictor (6:22)
bonus tracks
1.Jig-a-Jig (3:43)
2.Petite Fille (3:55)
3.Biffin Bridge (5:52)
4.Blue Boar Blues (7:14)
5.Nymphenburger - first take (5:16)
6.Marcus Junior - single edit (5:12)
7.Jig-a-Jig - Take Nine (4:17)
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ECLEC 2034 CD 1970 / 2008   17.00
Mercator Projected progressive

Enlarge this picture! A milestone in the birth of "progressive" rock, East of Eden's debut album, "Mercator Projected" has been cited by Mojo magazine as a minor masterpiece. Released on the legendary Deram label in 1969, the album established East of Eden as a major act, particularly in France, where the band had several Top Ten singles and major album success. An imaginative fusion of jazz, psychedelia and world music, "Mercator Projected" has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and features twenty minutes of bonus material, including previously unreleased extended demo versions of 'Waterways' and 'In The Stable of the Sphynx' and East of Eden's take on The Byrds' classic 'Eight Miles High'. All original artwork has been restored and the booklet features many unseen photographs and memorabilia.

Dave Arbus - electric violin, flute, bagpipe, recorders, two saxophones
Ron Caines - Soprano & Alto saxophones (acoustic & amplified), organ, vocals (4)
Dave Dufont - percussions
Geoff Nicholson - guitars, Vocals
Steve York - bass guitar, Harmonica, Indian thumb piano

1.Northern Hemisphere (5:03)
2.Isadora (4:19)
3.Waterways (7:00)
4.Centaur Woman (7:09)
5.Bathers (4:57)
6.Communion (4:02)
7.Moth (4:03)
8.In The Stable Of The Sphinx (8:20)
bonus tracks
1.Waterways (Demo) (6:40)
2.In the Stable of the Sphinx - demo (11:10).
3.Eight Miles High (6:51)
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ECLEC 2033 CD 1969 / 2008   17.00