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Pink Floyd
Great Britain
Endless River (CD+könyv) progressive rock

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1.The Endless River Part 1. - Things Left Unsaid
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21542 CD 2014   0.00
Delicate Sound of Thunder (2CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Delicate Sound of Thunder is a Pink Floyd live double album from the David Gilmour-led era of the band which was recorded over five nights at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York in August 1988.

David Gilmour – guitars, lead vocals
Nick Mason – drums, percussion
Richard Wright – keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Time" & "Comfortably Numb".

Additional musicians:

Jon Carin – keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Comfortably Numb"
Rachel Fury – backing vocals
Durga McBroom – backing vocals
Scott Page – saxophones
Guy Pratt – bassguitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Comfortably Numb" and "Run Like Hell"
Tim Renwick – guitars, vocals
Gary Wallis – percussion

1.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 (11:54)
2.Learning to Fly (5:27)
3.Yet Another Movie (6:21)
4.Round and Around (0:33)
5.Sorrow (9:28)
6.The Dogs of War (7:19)
7.On the Turning Away (7:57)
1.One of These Days (6:16)
2.Time (5:16)
3.Wish You Were Here (4:49)
4.Us and Them (7:22)
5.Money (9:52)
6.Another Brick in the Wall (5:29)
7.Comfortably Numb (8:56)
8.Run Like Hell (7:12)
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791480-2 CD 1988   0.00
Pulse (2CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! David Gilmour – electric and lap steel guitars, lead vocals, duet on "Comfortably Numb" (choruses)
Nick Mason – drums, percussion
Richard Wright – keyboards, backing vocals, duet on "Astronomy Domine", "Time", and "Comfortably Numb" (verses)

Additional musicians

Sam Brown – backing vocals, first lead vocalist on "The Great Gig in the Sky", duet on "Comfortably Numb" (choruses)
Jon Carin – keyboards, backing vocals, programming, duet on "Hey You", "Breathe", and "Comfortably Numb" (verses)
Claudia Fontaine – backing vocals, third lead vocalist on "The Great Gig in the Sky"
Durga McBroom – backing vocals, second lead vocalist on "The Great Gig in the Sky"
Dick Parry – saxophones
Guy Pratt – bass guitar, backing vocals, duet on "Comfortably Numb" (verses) and "Run Like Hell"
Tim Renwick – guitars, backing vocals
Gary Wallis – percussion, additional drums (played and programmed)

1.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (13:35)
2.Astronomy Domine (4:20)
3.What Do You Want from Me (4:10)
4.Learning to Fly (5:16)
5.Keep Talking (6:52)
6.Coming Back to Life (6:56)
7.Hey You (4:40)
8.A Great Day for Freedom (4:30)
9.Sorrow (10:49)
10.High Hopes (7:52)
11.Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (7:08)
12.One of These Days (6:45)
CD2 - The Dark Side of the Moon
1.Speak to Me (2:30)
2.Breathe (2:33)
3.On the Run (3:48)
4.Time (6:47)
5.The Great Gig in the Sky (5:52)
6.Money (8:54)
7.Us and Them (6:58)
8.Any Colour You Like (3:21)
9.Brain Damage (3:46)
10.Eclipse (2:38)
11.Wish You Were Here (6:35)
12.Comfortably Numb (9:29)
13.Run Like Hell (8:36)
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4914362 CD 1987 / 2000   0.00
A Momentary Lapse of Reason progressive

Enlarge this picture! After Roger Waters had declared Pink Floyd "a spent force" and ended his association with the band in 1985, David Gilmour attempted to continue the band together with Nick Mason. A bitter dispute with Waters ensued, but Gilmour and Mason eventually settled out of court for the legal right to continue using the name Pink Floyd. In exchange, Waters dissolved his former management partnership with Steve O'Rourke and gained exclusive rights to some traditional Pink Floyd imagery, including the original flying pig design, almost all of The Wall concept and everything to do with The Final Cut. Richard Wright re-joined the band during the recording sessions for this album as a full-time member of the band.

The recording sessions started in October 1986 as a new David Gilmour project. Gilmour revealed on the Shine On and A Momentary Lapse of Reason episodes of In the Studio with Redbeard that it was almost his third solo album as the material initially sounded too weak to be a Pink Floyd album. He then went on to say that by Christmas of 1986 that he had enough confidence to turn the album into a Pink Floyd project.

David Gilmour – vocals, guitars, keyboards, sequencers
Nick Mason – drums, percussion, drum machine, sound effects
Richard Wright – keyboards, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Carmine Appice – drums
Sarah Nean Bruce – spherical sound
Ken Caillat – spherical sound
Jon Carin – keyboards
Bob Ezrin – keyboards, percussion, sequencers
Donnie Gerrard – backing vocals
John Helliwell – saxophone (mistakenly credited as "John Halliwell")
Tom Jones – spherical sound
Jim Keltner – drums
Darlene Koldenhaven – backing vocals
Michael Landau – backing guitar
Patrick Leonard – synthesizers
Tony Levin – bass guitar, Chapman Stick
Scott Page – tenor saxophone
Bill Payne – Hammond organ
Phyllis St. James – backing vocals
Carmen Twillie – backing vocals

1.Signs of Life (4:24)
2.Learning to Fly (4:53)
3.The Dogs of War (6:05)
4.One Slip (5:10)
5.On the Turning Away (5:42)
6.Yet Another Movie (7:28)
7.A New Machine Pt.1. (1:46)
8.Terminal Frost (6:17)
9.A New Machine Pt.2. (0:38)
10.Sorrow (8:46)
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748068-2 CD 1987   0.00
A Collection of Great Dance Songs progressive

Enlarge this picture! David Gilmour – guitar, bass guitar, vocals, lead vocals
Roger Waters – bass guitar, vocals, rhythm guitar
Richard Wright – keyboards, synthesizers
Nick Mason – drums, percussion, vocal

Additional personnel:

The Islington Green School – vocals
Dick Parry – saxophone

1.One of These Days (5:49)
2.Money (6:45)
3.Sheep (10:21)
4.Shine on You Crazy Diamond (10:40)
5.Wish You Were Here (5:26)
6.Another Brick in the Wall - Part II (3:54)
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526245-2 CD 1981 / 2000   0.00
Relics psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! Syd Barrett – lead and rhythm guitar and lead vocals
David Gilmour – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Nick Mason – drums, percussion
Roger Waters – bass guitar, lead vocals
Richard Wright – organ, piano, lead vocals

Additional personnel:
Norman Smith – drums and backing vocals

1.Arnold Layne (2:56)
2.Interstellar Overdrive (9:43)
3.See Emily Play (2:53)
4.Remember a Day (4:29)
5.Paintbox (3:33)
6.Julia Dream (2:37)
7.Careful with that Axe, Eugene (5:45)
8.Cirrus Minor (5:18)
9.The Nile Song (3:25)
10.Biding My Time (5:18)
11.Bike (3:21)
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835603-2 CD 1971 / 1995   0.00
Meddle progressive

Enlarge this picture! David Gilmour – lead guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Roger Waters – bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocals and guitars
Richard Wright – piano, hammond organ, farfisa organ, vocals
Nick Mason – drums, percussion, vocal

1.One of These Days (5:57)
2.A Pillow of Winds (5:10)
3.Fearless (6:08)
4.San Tropez (3:43)
5.Seamus (2:16)
6.Echoes (23:29)
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829749-2 CD 1971 / 1994   0.00
Zabriskie Point (2CD) progressive rock

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1.Pink Floyd – Heart Beat, Pig Meat (3:11)
2.Kaleidoscope – Brother Mary (2:39)
3.Grateful Dead – Dark Star (excerpt) (2:30)
4.Pink Floyd – Crumbling Land (4:13)
5.Patti Page – Tennessee Waltz (3:01)
6.The Youngbloods – Sugar Babe (2:12)
7.Jerry Garcia – Love Scene (7:02)
8.Roscoe Holcomb – I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again (1:54)
9.Kaleidoscope – Mickey's Tune (1:40)
10.John Fahey – Dance of Death (2:42)
11.Pink Floyd – Come in #51, Your Time Is Up (5:01)
1.Jerry Garcia – Love Scene Improvations (Version 1) (6:18)
2.Jerry Garcia – Love Scene Improvations (Version 2) (8:00)
3.Jerry Garcia – Love Scene Improvations (Version 3) (7:52)
4.Jerry Garcia – Love Scene Improvations (Version 4) (8:04)
5.Pink Floyd – Country Song (4:37)
6.Pink Floyd – Unknown Song (6:01)
7.Pink Floyd – Love Scene (Version 6) (7:26)
8.Pink Floyd – Love Scene (Version 4) (6:45)
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88697-638212 CD 1970 / 1997   0.00
Music from the Film More progressive

Enlarge this picture! David Gilmour – acoustic, electric, slide, and Flamenco guitars, tape effects, bongos, vocals
Nick Mason – percussion, drums, bongos
Roger Waters – bass guitar, guitar, tape and birdsong effects, bongos, gong
Richard Wright – Hammond and Farfisa organs, piano, vibraphone, bongos

1.Cirrus Minor 5:18
2.The Nile Song 3:26
3.Crying Song 3:33
4.Up the Khyber 2:12
5.Green is the Colour 2:58
6.Cymbaline 4:50
7.Party Sequence 1:07
8.Main Theme 5:28
9.Ibiza Bar 3:19
10.More Blues 2:12
11.Quicksilver 7:13
12.A Spanish Piece 1:05
13.Dramatic Theme 2:15
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835631-2 CD 1969 / 1995   0.00