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Transform Quintet
Live in Motion
(Live in Motion)

Enlarge this picture! Transform Quintet’s true strength is in live performance. After 4 studio albums the band have completed their first live concert album entitled Live in Motion. The tracks were recorded in one of their favourite scenes: Budapest Jazz Club. The musicians perform to show their best, fantastic catchy tunes are mixed with virtuous improvisations. The listener is witness to the magic, spontaneity, dynamism of live music upon hearing the completely new tracks of the album.

Transform Quintet is a jazz band that plays unique, inventive music. Their progressive musical world, besides evoking the best traditions of fusion jazz, mainstream and electronic music with an elementary and youthful zest, is admittedly inspired by film music and the heritage of the composers of European classical Romanticism.

Their performance is characterised by explosive force and virtuous play, which is always adjusted to the spirit of their songs. Their compositions are staged with a play that is full of character and with a sophisticated taste. The band is regularly invited to Hungarian and international jazz clubs and festivals. “The band have played with famous international performers like Joey Calderazzo, Vasil Hadzimanov, The Tarantinos, and have shared the stage with performers like Archie Shepp, Incognito and Level 42.”

Gábor Horváth - piano
Bálint Gyémánt - guitar
Márton Eged - bass
Attila Gálfi - drums
Dániel Redő - percussion

1.Fake You
2.Sorry, I’m Busy
3.Far and Well
4.Drum and Waves
5.The Return
6.Midnight Run
7.Over Now
8.Same Old Giants
9.Letting Go
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Each Other's Children jazz

Enlarge this picture! Recollection of the moments when the songs were written:

"Editor: This was the hardest to compose. No romanticism. It is about the state where you cannot argue or communicate with someone; when you are unable to affect their feelings. You cannot say a word.

Around Us: This one is about the band and the friends around us who stand by us, helping and rejoicing together. It is also a musical dialogue, in which three note units lead through the tune. A dialogue about "all that matters is what is between us". External interventions, and "Mr. and Mrs. Opinions" would only side-track us. The original title was "Forget the World Around Us."

Under Her Spell: When you think that this time you have found the one true love, but later it turns out that it was not "love at first sight" - the whole affair was illusory. As fast as you fall in love, you can also fall out of it. Still, at first, it seems as a great love, and blindfolded, we believe in lies and feel that the world is our playground. We become court-jesters in the entertainment of the ice-hearted queens. Finally, we step aside, furiously lamenting how beautiful it could have been.

Waltz for J. C.: John Coltrane, Jesus Christ, Jamie Carragher, John Cusack, Jimmy Connors, but, actually, it stands for Joey Calderazzo, a salutatuion to him, using his world of harmonies and chord changes."

Gábor Horváth "Tojás" - piano, keyboards
János Ávéd - tenor sax
Márton Eged - bass, synth bass
Attila Gálfi - drums
Dániel Redő - percussions

Special Guests:
Kornél Fekete-Kovács - trumpet
Bálint Gyémánt - guitar
Zita Gereben - vocal
Linda Kovács - vocal

2.Consolations II.
3.Around Us
4.Waltz for J. C.
5.Under Her Spell
6.Walk Alone
7.She's So Fine
9.Each Other's Children
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