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world music

Enlarge this picture! Historically, the art world is just realizng its flowering through impressionism. The age of the Internet in our modern contemporary wold enables us to experience both our culture and the broader world around us, to ultimately promote the idea of peaceful coexistence. The Udrub ensemble’s composition’s artistic worth lies in the harmony of its authentic traditions and personal musical expressions, in which the strength of folk music, the refinement of classical music and the freedom of jazz unite.

János Gerzson – oud, saz
Tibi Golan – ney, flute, kaval
Dávid Troják – bass guitar
Géza Orczy – daf, derbuka, tapan

Kálmán Balogh – cimbalom
Frankie Látó - violin

1.Al Baab „Sarqi”
2.Parfum de Gitane
3.Ash Devlesa
4.Xelef / Nawroz
6.A Bűn
7.Balkan Expressz
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FA 2312 CD 2006   13.00