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Trottel Stereodream
Embryo progressive psychedelic

Enlarge this picture! Psychedelic Sound Exploration from Budapest.
’Psychedelic treatment of sound, psychedelia like an open-minded attitude more than a 'category' of music: acoustic, electric, electronic potions, sonic alchemies, magic atmospheres and musicians like explorers in a creative kaleidoscope.

Trottel from Hungary has been around, working and touring since 1989. As the result of a permanent change and experimenting with music and sounds,
here is their 11th album with a new sound again and the line up of eletric violin, sax, steel guitar, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and electronics. Ozric Tentacles, Korai Öröm fans go ahead!

Dániel Papp – drums
Nóra Neukum – electric violin
Rita Kardos – soprano- and alt sax, keyboards
István Puskás – keyboards, guitar
Tamás Rupaszov – bass, keyboards

1.Entering 2010 – intro
3.The Time Traveler
4.Steady Moments
5.New Soundscapes
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TRO 77CD CD 2010   13.00