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Torma Ferenc
I Cry out in the Wilderness
(Pusztába kiáltok)
progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! In his first solo album, Ferenc Torma, the guitarist of After Crying treated the life of John the Baptist. He has concentrated his music and personal confession in the colourful compositions of “I Cry out in the Wilderness.”
“John the Baptist is an emblematic figure for the whole Christian world, surprisingly enough only very few music and literary adaptations have been made about his personality. It is Christ Himself who said about him: ‘For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist … .’ (Luke 7, 28) Therefore no more adequate “purely human” example can be found for us to follow. I am convinced that it is important that both the contemporary believers and non-believers should know him and get closer to him. In the band After Crying one of our greatest efforts is to “unify” music and disintegrate the gender borders. If I may say I “bathed” happily in this concept, opening the doors even broader. I used the music style I thought the best for dramatizing the particular situation. The compositions range from progressive rock to baroque concertos, from vocal chamber music of old After Crying traditions to simple pieces of string orchestra and from acapella sounds to symphonic movements of the 21st century. The performing instruments underline also this intention: rock instruments (drum, bass guitar, synth) play together with traditional classical instruments (wood-wind and brass instruments, string orchestra, acoustic piano). My basic intention was also to make musicians play everything, i.e. the album should reflect real music playing.”

Ferenc Torma - guitar, bass, synthesizer, organ, lead vocal (1), vocal
Csaba Zöld - lead vocal

Csaba Erős - piano
Béla Gál - cello
Gyula Gáspár - horn
Olivér Gáspár - trombone
Marianna Geigerné Moldvai - organ
Vilmos Horváth - bassoon
Tibor Kiss - clarinet
Júlia Kórodi - violin, viola
Zsolt Madai - drums
Ottó Rácz - oboe, English horn
Mónika Szabó - flute
Fanni Torma - chorus
Nóra Torma - chorus
Réka Torma - vocal (11), chorus
Balázs Winkler - trumpet

1.Pusztába kiáltok! / I Cry out in the Wilderness (1:06)
2.A folyónál / By the River (6:42)
3.Viperák fajzata! / Viper's Breed (2:13)   
4.Mindent szórj csak szét! / Just Scatter it All (1:34)
5.Nincs kétség / Doubtless (2:41)   
6.Ima / Prayer (4:45)
7.Hogyan tovább? / Which Way to Turn? (9:16)
8.János imája / John's Prayer (3:05)
9.Szélingatta nádszál / Reed Swaying in the Wind (3:42)
10.Az utolsó party / The Last Party (4:43)
11.Kyrie (1:24)
12.Himnusz / Anthem (5:52)   
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