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Panta Rhei
Panta Rhei progressive

Enlarge this picture! Panta Rhei - great music, from talented musicians!

The album gives the essence of Panta Rhei’s work, with two unreleased tracks and three concert recordings of the 2017 return to the Rock Museum in addition to previously released compositions.

"Panta Rhei ran from 1974 to 1982, with two major albums. Its founders, the Szalay brothers, Sándor and András, were both physicists, playing music throughout their research careers and undergraduate studies. It was their physical education that enabled Hungary to build the first serious synthesizers of the entire Eastern block).

Listening to records by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and Walter Carlos, they tried to figure out how synthesizers could work, which Western musicians had already begun to experiment with. At the time, not only were they unable to access these poisonous instruments, but even on a photo they didn't see a synthesizer, so they built their first instruments entirely from their own idea.

Panta Rhei thus became a pioneer of Hungarian (even beyond the Iron Curtain) electronic music, they released the first Hungarian album containing all electronic music, PR Computer. (Released in 1983, the band didn't actually exist anymore.) They had another record, Panta Rhei, co-produced with András Laár. After barely a year of membership, Laár left the band and founded the pop band KFT.

Ironically, Panta Rhine is perhaps the most famous album that has ever been released. It was the only popular music album in the history of the Hungarian communist system that was really smashed: the record factory had already printed it, but it could never get to the shops. This album worked on the pieces of Béla Bartók, just as other significant progressive rock bands of the period were happy to touch on classical or contemporary themes. However, the Bartók heirs did not give permission for processing. (While foreign bands - such as Emerson, Lake and Palmer - smoothly released Bartók arrangements.)"

Csaba Béke - drums, vocal
Kálmán Matolcsy - keyboards, vocal
András Szalay - bass guitar, vocal
Sándor Szalay - guitar
Enikő Ács - vocal
József Nagy - flute
András Kálmán - keyboards
Dániel Szalay - drums
Miklós Felkai - guitar
Mátyás Milkovics - synths

1.Peer Gynt Szvit / Peer Gynt Suite (22:08)
2.Jól hangolt Computer / The Well Tempered Computer (03:26)
3.Toccata / Toccata (02:55)
4.Andromeda / Andromeda (live 2017) (04:08)
5.Kaleidoszkóp / Caleidoscope (03:44)
6.Trópusi láz / Tropical Fever (03:11)
7.Mandarin / Mandarin (live 2017) (05:04)
8.Hullámverés / Breaking Waves (03:09)
9.Körtánc / Rondo (unreleased) (03:14)
10.USA / USA (02:35)
11.Emlékeim / Memories (01:47)
12.Lavina / Avalanche (02:41)
13.Erdei Séta / Walk in the Forest (02:39)
14.Román Táncok / Romanian Dances (live 2017) (05:59)
15.Pacifico / Pacifico (unreleased) (02:25)
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