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László Attila
Babel jazz

Enlarge this picture! Attila László – acoustic guitar
Ferenc Snétberger – acoustic guitar
Krisztián Pecek Lakatos – double bass
Zoltán Csanyi – piano, Hammond organ
Béla Lattmann – bass guitar
Kálmán Oláh – piano
Mihály Borbély – soprano saxophone, tárogató
Gergő Borlai - drums
Sándor Födő – percussion

Emilio – vocal, beat-box (2,3.)
Veronika Harcsa – vocal (5.)

1.A Dance, We Are Waiting For
2.Walking Lion
3.For My Dad
4.Magic City
6.Tell Your Story
8.Pair Play
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TTCD 120 CD 2009   10.00
Just Trust jazz

Enlarge this picture! Attila László is a jazz guitarist, an outstanding performer of the Hungarian jazz life. His new record was released at Tom-Tom in July. The album came out under the name of ‘Just Trust’. The title of the disk shows that the confidence and having confidence can be such a great mobilizing power. From the mature musical substance of the CD it is well perceptible, that the album was recorded in an extraordinary harmony and inspiring creator atmosphere. The specialty of the disc is that that two formations perform on it. One of them is the members of the Laszlo Attila Quintett, the new generation's outstanding talents: Emil Jellinek (Emilio) – vocal; Árpád Oláh Tzumó – piano; Gergõ Borlai – drums; Béla Lattman – bass. Their dynamic play forms a harmonic unit with László Attila Band’s delicate music. Six songs from the new record was conceived and arranged by Attila László, and one is by Árpád Tzumó Oláh were introduced on the premier concert on July 10 at the Palace of Art. Both formations enchanted the audience with amazing jazz tunes.

Attila László - guitar
Mihály Borbély - saxophone
Emil Jellinek – vocal
Kálmán Oláh – piano, keyboards
Árpád Oláh Tzumo - piano, keyboard
Béla Lattmann Béla - bass
Gergõ Borlai - drums
Péter Szendõfi - drums
Béla Zsoldos - percussion

1.It's Already That
2.Those '70
3.Just Trust
4.Sweet Harmonies
6.Song for the Band
7.In the Ocean
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TTCD 85 CD 2006   7.50