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Vedres Csaba
Crossover crossover

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BGCD 245 CD 2019   12.00
Notes from Silence - Ephata II.
(Csendzenék - Ephata II.)

Enlarge this picture! "When you are not running away from the first look of
Silence, instead you just sit down opposite your visitor and wait for what He has to say, then sooner or later – like if by an invisible sign – uncommon things will show up from the corners, and unless you scare them away by screaming they will tamely begin to talk…"
Tamás Görgényi

“Silence may be both deaf and dumb. But there is silence behind which someone gently waits and hides. If you reach it, grief shall be transformed into sorrow, agressiveness into impulsion, anger into forgiveness which reflect importance beyond this
world. Shapeless chaos into certain form of expression, chaotic thoughts into order, offence and hurtfulness into emotional strength and all
these together: into music. I put together the music
pieces born in such progress for this album.”
Csaba Vedres

Csaba Vedres - piano, organ, vocal, keyboards, sampler

Júlia Gyermán – vocal (8., 12.), vocal (1., 16.)
Bárdos Choir(Pécs)(1., 5., 16.)
MMIK Erkel Choir (12.)
Kairosz Quartet (10., 14.)
Kristóf Fogolyán - flute (9.)
Krisztián Dajka - acoustic guitar(1.)

1.Szent Márton imája - The Prayer of St.Martin (6:58)
2.Számadás a tálentumról - Account of the Talent (6:25)
3.Micsoda csend - What a Still (2:30)
4.Álom - Dream (1:52)
5.Leltár - Inventory (4:30)
6.Merre az út? - What’s the Way? (1:40)
7.Körmenet korállal - Procession with Choral (3:24)
8.Ómagyar Mária-siralom - Old-Hungarian Funeral-Song of the Virgin Mary (5:40)
9.Misericordia (4:57)
10.Korál - Choral (3:03)
11.A tó - The Lake (1:51)
12.Szeretethimnusz - Lovehymn (1:46)
13.Eső - Rain (1:41)
14.Áldott idő - Blessed Time (3:07)
15.Noktürn 2009 - Nocturne 2009 (2:17)
16.Consolatio (8:44)
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BGCD 207 CD 2009   13.00
Breathed Prayer - The Editor\\\'s Favourites
(Fohász - A kiadó kedvencei)

Enlarge this picture! „On this album entitled „Breathed Prayer”, I have selected – in a subjective way – my favourite compositions of Csaba Vedres’ five albums released up to 2003. That is the explanation of the subtitle on the cover: The editor’s favourites. In addition, Csaba gave me a complex composition of 10 short piano works, that have not fit to any of his former CDs. He thought that the „List of free ideas” did not fit to the concept of the earlier albums, but it could become integral part of this selection. His music makes you think all the time about: loneliness – social impressions, love – affection, faith – human fragility, birth – passing away, peace – lack of patience, true respect of art - snobbery. Having listened to this selection, Csaba told me that I sicceeded in selecting the saddest 70 minutes of the „Vedres’ life-work”. My way of thinking on certain matters is surely similar to the artist’s ideas: we both are socially sensitive, we wish a better world, peace, quality life to all of us and try to leave some sensinble heritage and print for the future generations. We do hope that this CD contributes to this intention.”
(Gergely Böszörményi, publisher)

1.Levelek III.
2.Levelek IV.
3.Levelek VII.
6.Szelíd Szél
11.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke I. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
12.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke II. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
13.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke III. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
14.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke IV. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
15.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke V. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
16.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke VI. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
17.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke VII. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
18.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke VIII. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
19.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke IX. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
20.Szabad ötletek jegyzéke X. - ELSŐ MEGJELENÉS
21.Micsoda csend
22.Sivatagi hajnal
23.Merre az út
24.Mesék I.
25.Mesék III.
26.Mesék VI.
27.Hívó jel / Cisz-dór koncertetűd
28.G-dúr szkepszis
29.Fekete hangulat
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BGCD 127 CD 2003   12.00
Ephata I. progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! This is the 5th solo effort from Csaba VEDRES, founder member, composer, pianist of After Crying. The album features Gábor Egervári (poems) and Balázs Winkler (trumpet) of After Crying, Julia Gyermán on violin and József Sheer (samplings). VEDRES makes the listener thinking of different getaway strategies of today’s human. EPHATA means: Open your heart and soul.

Csaba Vedres - sythesizer, sampler, lead vocal, samplings

Featuring guests:
Júlia Gyermán - violin, sampling
József Scheer - samplings
Balázs Winkler - turmpet, samplings

Featuring guests in "Epilogue":
Krisztina Horváth - violin I
Júlia Gyermán - violinII
Attila Lezsák - viola
Lucia Krommer – cello

1.Tortured and Formatted
2.What a Still
4.Hitch-hike to Las Vegas
5.Lay Down
7.Desert Blue Dawn
9.Black Flowers, White Flowers
10.Net Samba
11.What's the Way
12.The Subway of Death
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XP 013 CD 2001   13.00
By the break of dawn
(Mire megvirrad - Stanislawski dalok)
progressive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! This CD has four parts: I. ’By The Break Of Dawn’ was composed in 1992-1996. II. ’Two Grotesques’ from 1988. III. Stanislawski’s Songs from 1997-1998. IV. ’Departing’ from 2000. Lyrics written by Gábor Egervári (After Crying), Tamás Görgényi (After Crying) and Csaba Vedres. The album features Kristóf Fogolyán on flute (ex-After Crying), Balázs Winkler on trumpet (After Crying) and Julia Gyermán – vocal.
On this album Vedres proves why he is considered to be among the best pianists these days.

Csaba Vedres – piano, synthesizer, voice

Kristóf Fogolyán – flute
Júlia Gyermán – voice
Balázs Winkler – trumpet

1.Eső / Rain
2.Valaki sír / Someone’s Crying
3.Mire megvirrad / By the Break of Dawn
5.Szelíd szél / Gentle Breeze
6.Csak mész / You Just Go
7.Ahoi! / Ahoy!
8.Tánc / Dance
9.Züm-züm / Buzz-Buzz
10.Mély, hosszú tél / Long, deep Winter
11.A tengerész / The Sailor
12.To Gloria
13.Késő / Late
14.A tó / The Lake
15.Dunakeszi elágazás / Sideroad to Dunakeszi
16.Enni a kenyeret / To Eat Bread
17.Szolgálati járat / Official Run
18.Elmenőben / Departing
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XP 009 CD 2000   13.00
Tales, letters
(Mesék, levelek)

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1.A sötét szoba meséi I.
2.A sötét szoba meséi II.
3.A sötét szoba meséi III.
4.A sötét szoba meséi IV.
5.A sötét szoba meséi V.
6.A sötét szoba meséi VI.
7.A sötét szoba meséi VII.
8.A sötét szoba meséi VIII.
9.A sötét szoba meséi IX/b
10.Így szólt a madár (REMIX)
11.Levelek I.
12.Levelek II.
13.Levelek III.
14.Levelek IV.
15.Levelek V.
16.Levelek VI.
17.Levelek VII.
18.Levelek VIII.
21.Az utolsó levél
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SKKTCD 182 CD 1999   14.00