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Kollár Attila
Progrock '55 progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! "This compilation was created from those songs where the author was me or I was one of the authors of these songs.
It wasn’t so easy to chose 16 compositions from our last 36 years, because a lot of song are very close to my heart! But I know there are some real milestones during my musical career.
The first five compositions of the album are definitly new songs or new recordings, which previously were not published.
My musician friends – the members of the Solaris, the Musical Withchcraft and the Invocatio Musicalis – created on this CD a so-called nice „union” and they gave hundreds of tastes to this musical pallette: progressive rock, world music, jazz, fusion. The bigger part of the CD consists of concert recordings, because the feeling of these melodies and compositions are more detectable in these circumstances than in the sterility of the studio. We really felt it many times during our concerts in Hungary and in abroad, too.
I think the revision of JS Bach Rondeau theme from the orchestral suite B-minor is a real closure of this compilation.
Have a good musical journey with these songs during my last 36 years! Soli Deo Gloria"

Kollár Attila – flute, recorder, tambourine, whistle, synthesizer

Musicians: Bogdán Csaba, Cziglán István, Erdész Róbert, Gerdesits Ferenc, Gömör László, Király Lóránt, Kisszabó Gábor, Kornis Ferenc, Naszádi Gábor, Őry Tamás, Pócs Tamás, Sárik Péter, Seres Attila, Szendőfi Balázs, Szirtes Edina, Tóth Vilmos, Vámos Zsolt, Vermes László

1.Silent Towns / 2nd movement 6’ 41” (New recording 2016)
2.Poseidon 2 2’ 31” (New recording 2016)
3.The Tower’s Room Lost in the Fog… 5’ 54” (New - Live in Budapest 2010)
4.Wanderers from the 15th Century 3’ 04” (New recording 2015)
5.Hymn No.234. - revision 3’ 15” (New recording 2015)
6.M’ars Poetica 6’ 24” (Live in MŰPA, Budapest 2014)
7.The Lion’s Empire 6’ 27” (Live in Monterrey, Mexico 2004)
8.Journey in the Andes 4’ 42” (Live in Budapest 2004)
9.The Dark Middle Ages 5’ 25” (MW I 1998)
10.If the Fog Clears Away 4’ 25” (Live in LA, USA 1995)
11.Revival / Short Cut 2’ 45” (Live in Budapest 1980)
12.Levitation 2’ 54” (MW III 2006)
13.Utopia 5’ 48” (Live in Szentendre 2014)
14.Eden 6’ 16” (Live in LA, USA 1995)
15.La Mer… 3’ 02” (MW III 2006)
16.Ba’rock’ 6’ 04” (MW I 1998)
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BGCD 232 CD 2016   14.00
Musical Witchcraft progressive instrumental

Enlarge this picture! Solo album from the flutist of the Solaris Band.
\\\"It was 18 years ago - but it not seems to be so far - when we started to play our own music with the Solaris. There wasn\\\'t any exact decision, what kind of music we want to play, so we just started to create some new instrumental composition. I had a special role, as the flutist in a standard rock band layout (bass-drums-guitar-keyboards), because I have had to find my own place in the musical situation. After a lot of rehearsals and concerts in 1984 was appared the Martian Chronicles - our first LP with the Solaris - and from that time it is the etalon for us which we compare ourselves continously.
I hope that the world of this new CD will not be unusual for those who like the Solaris music. Basically the world of renaissance and barock music and the influences of the instrumental rock are mixed in these new composition. More than three years ago, before the invitation of the Solaris for the Progfest \\\'95 in L.A., puzzled over the idea of the Musical Witchcraft. I want the compile my new musical themes and songs in an independent from. All of my musican friends who were members in the Solaris earlier, came to play the first invitation on these new songs and it was really delighted me. So you can hear a friendly team-work on this CD. I recommend these compositions all over the world for those who like the music and for those who like the interesting progressive rock sound.\\\"
Attila Kollár

Gábor Naszádi - acoustic guitar
Attila Kollár - flute, whistle, tambourine
Zsolt Vámos - guitar
Tamás Pócs - bass
Gábor Kisszabó - bass
László Gömör - drums
Róbert Erdész - keyboards
Csaba Bogdán - guitar

Ferenc Gerdesits - vocal
Szilvia Kollár - vocal
Zsuzsa Ullmann - vocal

1.Musical Witchcraft Suite (19:16)
2.Music from the Spheres - Szférák zenéje (3:36)   
3.Boleriade (4:57)
4.Morning Dance in the Garden of Chenonceau Castle -   
5.Silent Man's Prayer - A hallgatag ember imája (7:2
6.Rocks and Waves from Saint Malo - saint malo-i szi
7.Alchemy - Alkímia (4:32)
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BGCD 016 CD 1998   12.00