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Völgyessy Szomor Fanni
Life is Waiting for You
(Vár rád az élet)
world music

Enlarge this picture! „I graduated in 1991 from the School of Jazz Singing at the Béla Bartók College of Music in Budapest. The credible interpretation of different styles of music has always been an interesting challenge for me, and for that reason since my college years I have performed a wide variety of musical genres in large and small ensembles as well as solo. I have always felt the need to communicate through music thoughts and ideas preoccupying my mind at any given time. And rather than writing words to suit a particular musical style, I choose what I feel to be the music appropriate for the words I have written. For me singing is not simply a cultural product I receive invitations to perform at numerous festivals both in Hungary and abroad. The performance venues very enormously, from large city-centre concert halls to small village churches. Because I consider that singing to a live audience is a tremendous privilege and honour, I prepare for each concert with the same thoroughness and attention to detail, regardless of the size of venue. My concerts are characterized by the following musical styles: traditional Hungarian folk, Irish and other celtic, jazz, classical, and contemporary popular. The music is woven together with poetry and literature.”
She is the winner of the Mozaique Songfestival Den Haag (2009).

Fanni Völgyessy Szomor – vocal, keyboards
Péter Pejtsik - cello

1.Get Back Your Freedom (3:10)
2.Fool My Mind (2:59)
3.Rain (2:52)
4.Oly régi gondolat (3:23)
5.From Above the Clouds (3:15)
6.Into the West (5:02)
7.Autumn Leaves (3:50)
8.Édesanyám rózsafája (3:01)
9.Spring is Nearby (5:40)
10.Meeting (2:02)
11.Jöjj el, fény! (4:00)
12.Vár rád az élet (3:10)
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