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McMullan, Patrick
Hungary / Ireland
Down and Out in Belfast and Budapest rock

Enlarge this picture! Patrick McMullan was born in Belfast in 1952. He began to play music in his teens and joined his first band "Doll's House" in 1968 touring the whole country from Derry to Cork. This was a rock band and he continued playing with them until 1969 when it became difficult to tour. After moving to London in 1972 Patrick began to play in rhythm and blues bands as a bass guitarist with bands such as "The Count Bishops" and later "Doctor Feelgood". In the early 80's he took another interest in Irish traditional and Irish folk music playing alone and with many Irish bands on the London Irish scene. In 1991 Patrick met Monika Varga a Hungarian girl studying in London and through her he was introduced to Budapest and to many fine Hungarian musicians. After a few rehearsals he formed "The Irish Rovers Of Budapest". Their first CD was released on Periferic Records.
Patrick now lives in Budapest. He plays rock with progressive elements. Well educated musicians help him on his first solo album, which is an outstanding piece of the Hungarian scene.

Patrick McMullan - vocal, acoustic guitar and other instruments
Judit Andrejszki - vocal
Péter Csiszár - sax
László Farkas - bass
György Ferenczi - blues harp
Béla Ferge - drums
Brian Finnegan - flute
Emmet Gill - uillean pipe
Kornél Horváth - percussion
Ferenc Kovács - trumpet
Péter Papócsi - guitar
Péter Pejtsik - cello, violin
István Perger - percussion

1.Blackwater (5:05)
2.Crowd Control (4:44)
3.From Here on (4:05)
4.Dawn Chorus (6:12)
5.Manuel (4:34)
6.Not on My Own (4:07)
7.Cold Light of Day (3:45)
8.Aces High (2:56)
9.There's no one There (4:34)
10.Creation (2:51)
11.The Blind Harper (8:00)
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VT 005 CD 1996   6.00