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Tius Norma
STAGE III - Live at Institut Francais de Budapest
(STAGE III - Live at Institut Francais de Budapest)

Enlarge this picture! Three guys - three styles - a three-year-old band on stage: that is the event captured on Tius Norma's live DVD. The performance, given before a packed house at the French Institute in Budapest, showcases all the contrasting elements which had rocketed the band into elite status even before actually becoming widely known. Arrangements ranging from complex to hyper-simple, moments elegantly silent to disturbingly intense, lyrics unpretentious to poetically abstract. The three surprisingly different personalities on stage form an exciting unity under the name Tius Norma.
The setlist contains much of the songs from the first album, Diamond Rite, this time in a new guise of electronic arrangements, together with some brand new material. Such reworks are Investigate My Future, previously aired on MTV Hungary, or Solitude, familiar from ClassFM, while the song Winter Sun, or the grandiose instrumental movement Life Happens both get their first appearance in this film.
The concert lighting is both spectacular and to the point: it follows and amends mood changes in the music by consciously using the full range from gloomy shades to blinding dazzle. The performance was filmed using 5 HD cameras, and the DVD contains a stereo as well as a 5.1 surround soundtrack.

Noen - vocals
Tius - piano
King Percy - drums

3.Playing the Liar
5.Life Happens
7.Hello Stranger
8.The Child's Theme - Time for Us
9.Winter Sun
10.Investigate My Future
11.Drive Me
12.Healing Slowly
13.Aren't You the Same?
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Diamond Rite alternative

Enlarge this picture! Tius Norma, the up and coming alternative band from Budapest, was formed by keyboardist/producer Tius, in 2008. The initial line-up of Tius (piano), Noen (vocals), and Luki (guitar) was soon expanded by adding AAkos (drums; AnimaSoundSystem) and Süti (bass; Sziámi). 2009 was spent with touring, with visits to memorable venues like Gasometer in Vienna, where the Band performed at the International Live Award.
The first music video, "Investigate My Future", was soon completed, and went into rotation on MTV Hungary.
"Diamond Rite" is the culmination of the band's first year, including trademark songs like "Drive Me", "Time for Us", and "Investigate My Future".

Noen - vocals
Tius - piano
Luki - guitars
Suti - bass
AAkos - drums

1.Playing the Liar
2.Investigate My Future
3.Healing Slowly
6.The Child's Theme
7.Time for Us
8.Drive Me
10.This Silence
11.Aren't You the Same
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