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Kovács Ferenc & Grand Magony Orchestra
Bear Dance world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! The Bear Dance has been built up and transformed on the base of original songs from Méhkerék and other songs from the Balkan. The solo, then only string orchestra, then only brass band, contemporary music, folk music, jazz-like formations naturally lead to the creation of a big band named „Grand Magony”, which serves for the purpose that the best improvisative musicians take pleasure playing in it.

Kovács Ferenc – composer, trumpet, violin
Balogh Kálmán – dulcimer
Dresch Mihály – flute, saxophones
Bede Péter – flute, saxophones
Budai Sándor – violin
Kovács Zoltán – piano
Szandai Mátyás – bass
Novák Csaba – bass
Banai Szilárd – percussion
Németh Ferenc – voice

2.Bujdosik az árva madár
5.Somogyi áldásos
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HRCD 705 CD 2008   14.00