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The Syndicate
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Enlarge this picture! Joe Zawinul – one of the most legendary, visionary and influential musicians and bandleaders that jazz ever produced. His passing in 2007 left a big hole in the jazz world. But if anybody could fill the gap, it would be the Syndicate – the band that chose as the vehicle for his innovative and genre-busting musical styles, after the breakup – of Weather Report in the mid 80ties.
Joe Zawinul had a true midas touch in picking his band-members, not only picked because of their virtuoso instrumental skills, but with a special ear for how, ultimately, each musician would contribute to a whole that was totally unique in Joe Zawinul’s vision. The Syndicate has decided to keep the band together, and continue and expand on the vision that Joe Zawinul laid out. In 2012, Joe Zawinul would have celebrated his 80th birthday.
On this occasion The Syndicate recorded an album in Hungary. All the songs on the album – the great compositions of Joe Zawinul.

Alioune Wade – bass
Aziz Sahmaoui – percussion, vocal
Jorge Bezerra – percussion
Paco Sery – drums
Emile Parisien – sax
Thierry Eliez – keyboard
Munir Hossn – guitar

Special guests:
Sabine Kabongo (former Syndicate member)
Eric Mouquet (Deep Forest)

1.Gibraltar (7:08)
2.They had a Dream (8:38)
3.Victims of the Groove (6:57)
4.Between the Thighs (5:08)
5.Nubian Sundance (8:58)
6.Ballad for two Musicians (7:31)
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HRCD 1201 CD 2012   14.00