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Álomban ébren world music

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1.Nehéz (Hard)
2.Miért nem látsz? (Why Don't You See Me?
3.Felülről fúj (Fall Winds from High Above)
4.Ti (You)
5.Könnyű (Easy)
6.Hajnalban (At Dawn)
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NRR 154 CD 2016   13.00
Open Up
world music

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1.Veres az ég
2.Indulj el
4.Hajnali ének
5.Az árnyékok
6.La piconera
9.Étienne húz
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NRR 138 CD 2014   13.00
Meszecsinka world music

Enlarge this picture! Meszecsinka was born at the full moon, from a special form of magic. Its name means little Moon, and is originated in a Bulgarian folk song. They sing in seven languages (Hungarian, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Spanish, Finnish, English, Arab), they come from two countries (Hungary, Bulgaria) and are heading for one country: Wonderland. They only do, what they can’t not do. They incorporate many styles, but have a style of their own, their own life. They play from the inside, and wonder at the world. They are soft and pliant, but leave no doubts. They go round the hit lists, and steal into people’s hearts. They do not call for your “like”, but for Yourself. Stay still, and you’ll hear.

Annamari Oláh - voice
Emil Biljarszki - keyboards, guitar
Gábor Görgényi - percussions
Fatima Gozlan - ney, kaval, percussions, vocal
Árpád Vajdovich - double bass, bass guitar
Dávid Krolikowski - percussions
Gábor Bánházi – drums, percussions

1.E kertemben
3.Romlott testem
7.Un Cabrito
10.Vetre le
11.E kertem
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NRR 122 CD 2012   13.00