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Inner Spring Trio (Szendőfi Balázs / Kertész Ákos / Sárközy Fanni)
…and Other Seasons jazz

Enlarge this picture! Ákos Kertész – drums
Fanni Sárközy – piano
Balázs Szendőfi – bass

Attila László - guitar

1.Six Degrees
2.The Champion’s Holiday
3.The Lake, the Magpie and the Ring
4.Not Quite Stillness
5.Bonsai Whale
6.Intermezzo 1: Prince of Paper
7.Bells of Ponyland
9.Intermezzo 2: Prince of Paper
10.The Picture of Doris Travelling with Boris
11.Remain a Child
12.Intermezzo 3: Midnight at the Castle
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TTCD 154 CD 2011   12.00