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Ayo Nene jazz world music

Enlarge this picture! Senegalese Alioune Wade alias ALUNE is a virtuos bass player and a singer with the voice of an angel. He has been the bass player of versatile artists like Ismael LO, Youssou N\\\'Dour, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Bobby McFerrin, Mamani Keita, Henri Dikongue, Paco Sery, Mokhtar Samba and late Mr.Joe Zawinul, to mention a few. Alioune was born on June 9th 1978 in Dakar, Senegal. His father was the leader of a symphonic orchestra and Alune quite naturally began to play music at the age of 6. At 13 he chose the bass as the instrument that would follow him through his life and he did that with passion, to the great despair of his mother who wished to see him continuing his studies. It would get to the extend that his mother even tried to cut the cords of his bass with a knife, but all her protests was in vain. Thanks to the support of his father, he got a chance to follow his dream, even if it ment to walk kilometers by foot to find a professor that could teach him how to play music, or staying awake all night long to finish his exercises. At the age of 15, Alune started to play with local bands in Dakar, and began his first recordings in friends studios with a seal of 250 francs CFA (0.38 euros) pr track From the age of 17, Alune would play in his father\\\'s classical orchestra, replacing the bass player when this one was not available. The exercise was extremely frightening for his age, but allowed him to acquire an ease on musical reading by listening to the members of the group. All under the benevolence of his father... After an audition only 18 years old, Alune was chosen to be the bass player of Ismael LO, one of the most prestigious musicians of the African continent. He performed with him on many stages touring all over the world. This led to play in the bands of more artists like Youssou N\\\'Dour, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Bobby McFerrin, Mamani Keita, Henri Dikongue, Paco Sery, Mokhtar Samba and late Mr.Joe Zawinul. In 2006 Alune released his first solo album entitled \\\"MBOLO\\\" (meening \\\"Union\\\" in Wolof) presenting a subtle mixture of an eclectic and pricking musical landscape, rhythmically rooted in Africa and influenced by jazz and contemporary music from all over the world. Alune – lead vocal, backing vocal, bass guitar, percussion, calebasse, guitar Aziz Sahmaoui - krotal, percussion, vocal, mandoline, bendir Banta Cissokho - vocals Bastein Aubry - dobro Brenda Della Velle – backing vocals Cheickh Ouza - kora Cheickh Tidiane Seck – vocals, Fender rhodes Corrinne Thuy-Thy - backing vocals, triangle Cristophe Cravero - violin Emile Parisien – sax Fatoumata Diawara – vocal Francois Sabin – guitar, sax, accordion Georges Bezerra – percussion, cajon Guimba Kouate – guitar, ngoni Herve Samb - guitar Jim Grancamp – guitar John Grancamp – cajon, drums Julia Sarr - backing vocals Julien Tekeyan – drums Mamadi Diabate – guitar, electric guitar Mamane Thiam – talking drum Mamani Keita – vocals Manuel Gablan – trumpet bugle, trumpet Mbaye Kane – sabar Murielle Lefevre - backing vocals Paco Sery - drums Samb Herve – guitar Thierry Eliez - Fender rhodes Valentino Cravero – cello Vallentine Duteil – cello Yvan Della Velle - Fender rhodes

2.Ayo Néné
4.Kéne la
6.Sama Rew
7.Couleur café
8.Bénéne Yone
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