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Hammondárium (Kaltenecker / Gyémánt / Martonosi)
Dirty jazz

Enlarge this picture! The group is a classic organ trio, in which there is no bass instrument, but rather the organ plays a dual role. After exploring the possibilities gained from various electronic pianos and synthesizers, Zsolt Kaltenecker started concentrating on the Hammond organ intensively after 2007, and since then the duo with György Martonosi has been together. From the very beginning he has attempted to develop a unique style on this instrument, as much as possible avoiding the general academic techniques associated with it. Martonosi’s sound, style and surely his bohemian personality makes him an especially appropriate partner on this new musical adventure. Bálint Gyémánt, who is one of the best young jazz guitarists, was a guest performer with the Kaltenecker & Martonosi duo at the Győr Drum Festival. This performance was so successful that they founded the HAMMONDARIUM on the spot.

The primarily well-known rock and jazz numbers in this joint project are the result of Kaltenecker’s retroish, but at the same time modern organ; Gyémánt’s virtuous, varying style of guitar; and Martonosi’s old school, “down and dirty” drumming, all of which into the result: great sounding celebration music.

Zsolt Kaltenecker – hammond organ
Bálint Gyémánt – guitar
György Martonosi - drums

1.Silly walks
3.I Me Mine
4.Billie Jean
5.Dirty Man
6.Song for Bilbao
7.Come Together
9.Grey Clouds
11.North Highland
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