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Glaser Péter
These are My Hands jazz

Enlarge this picture! "My interest in jazz and other merging musical genres began in 1990. This was the time when I started to collect such records and got my hands on the very first instruments "who" have kept me company ever since then. Over the course of the years, of course I have experienced a number of other things which have all had a tremendous effect upon me - both musically and from the human point of view. I've been selected, I've selected. And that's what I did now, when compiling this album which, I hope will sum up the past fifteen years porperly. Thanks to all those who have contributed to the project one way or the other - eighter with their thoughts or deeds." - Péter Glaser

Tamás Berdisz - drums
Gábor Cselik - keyboard
Tamás Mohai - guitar
Péter Glaser - frethless bass, electric bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Martina Király - voice
Péter Kuzbelt - saxophone

2.Together alone
3.Rainy Days
5.We're Children too
7.The Wind Cries Mary
8.You'll Never Know
9.'Round Midnight
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FA 2752 CD 2012   12.00