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Zsoldos Béla
(Tempo - Jubileumi koncert MÜPA)

Enlarge this picture! Béla Zsoldos trained as a classical musician, has spent several decades exploring jazz and is now one of our leading percussion artists, at home in all manner of music from Renaissance through big bands to contemporary music. He comes from a famous Hungarian musical family and is happy as both composer and performer. He is also a professor at the jazz faculty of the Academy of Music. He has won both Artisjus and eMeRTon Prizes and last year, was awarded the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic.
Drummer and percussionist Tommy Vig lived in the United States from the fifties onwards but recently returned to Hungary. He has worked before with Béla Zsoldos in joint productions. He was also the guest soloist of Zsoldos’s 2006 album Timpani Concerto/Vibrafonia but they have also given numerous successful concerts.
On this Monday evening, besides the large scale compositions Vibrafonia and material from the Red Dragon album which presents the cream of Hungarian jazz, we’ll be hearing some compositions written specifically for this evening. On stage will also be members of the former super group Morgan Workshop, alternating with members from the young generation, and there are some great surprises in store.

1.Timpani Concerto
2.Wintermezzo / Snowfly
4.Capriccio #24
6.Red Dragon
7.Morgan Guys
9.Red Dragon - free version
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Timpani Concerto jazz comprehensive

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1.Timpani Concerto 1.
2.Timpani Concerto 2.
3.Timpani Concerto 3.
bonus track
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