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Khanci Dos
No Limits
(Bi Granica - No Limits)
folk ethno

Enlarge this picture! The band plays traditional contemporary gypsy music using a very witty, interesting and unusual orchestration. The songs very collected from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Balkan area. Colorful and enjoyable compilation. Traditional sounds are mixed with modern instruments (electric guitar and drums), but the water-jug is the most characteristic elements of this music.

Gusztáv Erőss - vocal, oral bass
Szeréna Baktai - vocal, oral bass
Péter Boda - vocal, oral bass, spoons
Béla Rácz - vocal, oral bass, guitar
Olivér Rácz - violin
Árpád Szombath - bass
András Dés - kanna, percussion

István Henzler - guitar

1.Pala Tute (1:35)
2.Aven E Rrom (3:47)
3.Kéket fogott (3:00)
4.Fata Mami (2:15)
5.Ke Somas Me (2:28)
6.Rromani Chej (1:35)
7.Butzangli Chej (2:58)
8.Úgy szeretem (2:13)
9.Za More (2:09)
10.Auschwitz (5:52)
11.Sa La Roma (3:32)
12.So Keno (2:58)
13.Mangav Tut Me (5:23)
14.Baro Salcin (1:55)
15.Jertisaren Mange (2:52)
16.Na Dara Chajorrije (4:50)
17.Eznsa (4:47)
18.Ramajana (3:00)
19.E Dej Nasvalij (3:32)
20.Bute Bersenca (3:04)
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BGCD 028 CD 1998   10.00