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Vermes Gábor Group
Slap the Bass rock jazz

Enlarge this picture! Bass guitarist Gábor Vermes has provided innumerable productions with a steady basis for artists representing various styles. He himself enjoys groovy, funk-inspired music the most as his compositions are a proof to it. The album leaves no doubt of the high standards of his slapping play that fits the style perfectly. His compositions stand out of the Hungarian music scene, which has not produced many similar recordings at such a high level in this genre. During the various flow of music, the bass guitar remains at the focus, of course. The album features partly vocal, partly instrumental songs that have a bass guitar core and a groovy touch but remain melodic throughout. In them, the stylistic marks preferred by the composer can be identified well.

Gábor Vermes won the prize of the best solo artist on an instrument at the Jazzy Jazz Song Contest in 2009.
Nothing could elevate the standard of the recording but all those renowned musicians featured during the recording with whom the composer was able to work in prefect harmony. Previously, several mutual formations had brought them together in the course of years, decades even.

Gábor Vermes – bass, guitar, keyboards
László Balogh – drums
Szilárd Banai – drums
László Vermes – drums
Zsolt Jánky – drums
Péter Emmer – guitar
Attila Kiss – guitar
Tamás Vozár – guitar
Sándor „Szoszó” Lakatos – keyboards
Károly Szabó – keyboards
Tamás Stencli – saxophone
Sándor Zsemlye – saxophone
János Hámori – trumpet
Rozina Cselovszky – vocal
Mátyás Haraszty – vocal
Mark Silvast Walks – vocal

1.Chill out
2.Look up
3.Slap the bass
4.Brothers jam
6.Run out of town
7.On my way to you
8.Time zone groove
9.Wudu mudu
10.Shakin the night a way
11.New morning
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GR 093 CD 2011   12.00