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Vörös Niki
Ask Yourself Why - Salute to Michel Legrand jazz

Enlarge this picture! Niki Vörös was born in Esztergom and started her Jazz vocal studies at the Erkel Ferenc School of Music as a student of Hunyadi László and Halkovics Agnes. She was accepted to the Liszt Ferenc Music University Jazz vocal department in 2006 as a student of Winand Gábor. She won best jazz singer award at the Paks talent festival in 2007 and 2008.
Niki earned a government scholarship for the year of 2009/2010 for her exceptional scholastic record, group work and her pedagogic aspiration. She graduated with excellence in 2010 as a pupil of Lakatos Ágnes, Holczer Irma, and Berki Tamás. Together with her brother László, Niki founded the Vörös Niki Quartet in 2005, which plays continuously in Hungary and abroad. Their music consists of authentic jazz songs as well as modern, contemporary jazz standards. In their debut album, released in August 2012, the Quartet does a jazzy take on the popular songs of french composer Michel Legrand. Significant Appearances: Mol Jazz Fesztivál Budapest, Veszpémfest, Tucher Blues&Jazzfestival Bamberg, Plein-Art Kortárs Művészeti Fesztivál, Jazztergom, Jazz Showcase fesztivál, Szeptemberfeszt, Magyar Jazz Ünnepe.

“There are things we search for years only to find they were with us all along...” That is how I was with Michel Legrand’s songs, I felt as if I knew them all, I sang them from my heart, through them I was able to express my true self. Most important, I was able to realise my own musical world through these songs, without really disturbing theirs. It was a wonderful encounter and exciting work."

Niki Vörös – voice
Lászó Vörös – piano
Attila Péterfi – bass guitar
György Jeszenszky – drum

Eszter Strausz – flute, soprano saxophone (3, 4)
Gergő Kováts – tenor saxophone (7, 8)

1.I Will Wait for You
2.The Windmills of Your Mind
3.The Summer Knows
4.Watch What Happens
5.Once Upon a Summertime
6.Sea and Sky
7.His Eyes, Her Eyes
8.Ask Yourself Why
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