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Santa Diver (Kézdy Luca / Szesztay Dávid / Sárvári Kovács Zsolt)
Santa Diver (CD+DVD) world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! Santa Diver formation was founded in 2006 by Luca Kézdy jazz violinist and Dávid Szesztay multi-instrumentalist and composer. Together with Zsolt Sárvári Kovács the trio represents a truly characteristic and unique musical world, somewhere between jazz, world music and free music. The sound of the trio is determined by the unusual setup (violin - bass guitar - drums), the special narrative violin play of Luca Kézdy, the colourful and melodic bass parts, and the drum that’s full of tiny colourful happenings, but still energetic.

Their second album, „Santa Diver” is a concert recording, but not in the traditional sense. The concept of the recording is more of a studio recording inspired by the audience. The premises of the recording are the renovated concert hall of the Budapest Szimpla Kert, where a video recording was also prepared, thus, apart from the CD, the concert film DVD is also available.

Luca Kézdy - violin, effects, vocal on "The Proof of Love"
Dávid Szesztay - bass
Zsolt Sárvári Kovács - drum

1.Furcsa kis szám / Weird Little Tone 15:10
2.Shalom Aleichem 7:00
3.Őszi szél / Desert Wind 11:30
4.A szeretet próbája / The Proof of Love 10:40
5.Ringató / Cradling 11:30
6.Afro 12:10
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NRR 132 DVD+CD 2013   14.00