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Varga Gábor Jazz Trió
Old School Mission jazz

Enlarge this picture! Tibor Csuhaj-Barna - double bass
György Jeszenszky - drums
Gábor Varga - piano

1.The Beginning
2.The Conflict
3.The Trap
6.It's Done
7.Dangerous Beauty
8.Keep Cool
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HRCD 1731 CD 2017   14.00
Up Jazz / Cool Jazz jazz

Enlarge this picture! Gábor Varga - piano
Tibor Csuhaj-Barna - double bass
György Jeszenszky - drums

Cool Jazz
2.The Project
6.Cool Thing
Up Jazz
1.Two Side
2.Blues My Mine
4.In the Mood
6.Two Side (alternate)
7.Shot (alternate)
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HRCD 1510 CD 2015   14.00
Cool Jazz (gatefold) jazz

Enlarge this picture! It is a special album. Probably it became special because it did not set this as an aim. It is special because it does not seek new ways at any price, does not want to mediate or convince anybody of anything. It is special because it was created with the technique of a past golden age - in Hungary it has been the first time for decades.
It is special because the motivation of the musicians playing on the album went beyond self-realization. They set themselves free of inner compulsion to give way to music.
It is special because tranquillity and tension, air and sound, consciousness and intuition together created this twenty-six minutes.
And finally, it is special because however, it draws on well-known methods, it is new, sincere, easy, spontaneous, calm and exciting at the same time.
In one word: COOL…

Gabor Varga – piano
György Jeszenszky – drums
Tibor Csuhaj Barna – bass

A side
1.Maybe (3:28)
2.The Project (3:04)
3.Moments (5:18)
B side
1.Mystery (3:27)
2.Entchantment (3:57)
3.Cool Thing (4:19)
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HRLP 1300 LP 2013   20.00